Fruit to Take Along Anywhere

(Front to back) Tangerine, cantaloupe and Asian pear -- freeze-dried.

(Front to back) Tangerine, cantaloupe and Asian pear — freeze-dried.


That’s exactly what Crispy Green is.

The New Jersey company takes fresh fruit and freeze dries them before packaging them in convenient pouches that you can throw in your purse or backpack or stash in a desk drawer or car glove box.

Crispy Green offers seven different fruits: apple, mango, Asian pears, banana, cantaloupe, pineapple and tangerine.

You have to love an ingredients label that includes only one thing. What’s in the freeze-dried Asian pears? Only Asian pears.

The freeze-dried fruit snacks have no fat or cholesterol, and only 55 calories or less per serving.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples.

The freeze-dried fruit is weightless on your tongue. But bite into the crisp fruit and it has all the bright fruit flavors you’re used to.

Convenient single-serve pouches.

Convenient single-serve pouches.

The pineapple is sweet and tropical. The cantaloupe’s muskiness is concentrated when it’s in this form so you better like that taste to begin with. The tangerine just might be my favorite. First, the tiny segments are whole and fun to look at. Second, the flavor is as tangy and citrusy as a fresh mandarin.

Single-serve bags are about $1.49 each or $7.99  for a six-pack. They’re available at stores such as Whole Food’s and Lunardi’s.

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  • Wait, do I see mango? I would love to try that, and the tangerine. What’s the texture like? This kind of sounds like that episode of “Friends” when Chandler had that temporary crazy roommate (you know, when Joey got his first big break in the Soaps) who had a dehydrator and went crazy dehydrating all sorts of stuff! LOL

  • Very convenient, especially if you don’t have time to eat and need to dash off to the airport.

  • Cantaloupe can be dried?! That’s amazing! Tangerines and asian pears are also mainly juice too!

  • These packets sounds really great & easy to take away with you! 🙂 Thanks!

  • That is so convenient! And it’s also a lot healthier than carrying a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate in your bag! 😀

  • I don’t think I’ve had freeze-dried food in years. Decades, probably – back in the days when I used to camp. These look like a terrific snack – I need to search for these. Thanks!

  • Awesome! I travel a lot, especially international flights, so this will be awesome to try and bring with me!

  • I just received my box from AMAZON. I thought the tangerine was awesome. Wife kind of burst the bubble a little by pointing out made in China.

    I am hoping they are good for you as I find this an easy way to get fruit into my diet as I am always on the go.

    You hear how horrible products coming out of China and wondering has anyone heard or come across anything bad for you with these fruits processed out of China?

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