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Get A Taste of Jose Andres’ New Food Products

Plump, wonderful mussels — Galician-style — by Jose Andres.


Would you pay $18 for this tiny tin of canned mussels?

You just might if they carry the stamp of approval of renowned Chef Jose Andres.

With glam restaurants around the world, including The Bazaar in Beverly Hills, this Ferran Adria protege has introduced his own line of food products, Jose Andres Foods, that speak to his Spanish heritage.

Recently, I had a chance to sample a few of the products.

Spain takes its canned seafood seriously. Unlike in the United States, where tinned seafood is often thought of as a cheap pantry staple, Spaniards treat their canned seafood with reverence because the quality is high enough to serve in the best restaurants.

Galician Style Mussels ($18 for a 5.3-ounce can) are plump and tender, with none of that mealiness that mundane canned seafood can have. They come bathed in olive oil, red pepper, onion and tomato. The flavored olive oil is so delicious that you will prize it for spreading on grilled bread or using in a pasta dish.

Mussels in Escabeche ($17 for a 5.3-ounce can) are flavored with olive oil, vinegar, paprika, bay leaves, pepper and cloves, lending them a perky acidity perfect for a simple salad.

The mussels have just 1.5 servings per can, with 90 to 110 calories each, depending upon the variety.

The Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($12 for 8.45 ounces) is made from Picual olives from Central Spain. It’s lush and buttery with a pleasant hint of greenness to it and a hit of pepper on the finish.

Golden and incredibly rich tasting potato chips.

The Potato Chips ($6 for a 6.7-ounce bag) may be the richest ones you’ll ever crunch into. That’s because they are fried in olive oil. Indeed, there are only three ingredients in this product: Spanish potatoes, extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia and Himilayan pink salt. They are very thin, crisp and boast a really golden color from the olive oil.

Olive oil, sherry vinegar, olives, capers, preserved vegetables and breadsticks make up the product line.

The products just made their debut. They are available on the Jose Andres Foods site, as well as Nosa Ria Market in San Francisco.

They’re not inexpensive. But they make for a wonderful little splurge to enjoy at home.

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