It Looks Like Beef — But It’s Better for You

A hefty burger made with bison meat distributed by a San Francisco start-up.

A hefty burger made with bison meat distributed by a San Francisco start-up.

Wouldn’t you like to sink your teeth into that burger above?

You can — and do a body good, too.

That’s because it’s bison meat — which is lower in fat, lower in cholesterol and higher in good-for-you Omega 3’s than skinless chicken or grass-fed beef.

It’s also rich in iron, B12, zinc and niacin.

Recently, I had a chance to sample some ground bison meat from BisonBison Co., a new San Francisco start-up distributor that’s on a mission to introduce more folks to the merits of bison meat from American buffalo raised in South Dakota.

I made simple burgers with my sample of ground meat, grilling the patties then snuggling them inside pretzel buns. Because bison meat is so lean, you definitely don’t want to overcook it.

The burgers were juicy and tender, and had a cleaner finish on the palate than your typical beef burger.

To get BisonBison’s products into wider distribution, the company is hosting a crowd-sourcing campaign through Aug. 29 on Indiegogo. Pledge $25 and receive 2 pounds of ground bison meat (only available to those in the Bay Area) or two bags of bison jerky or two bags of pemmican, a Native American snack of dried bison meat and cranberries.

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  • Very interesting looking burgers!

  • This burger looks and sounds really delicious!



  • It’s weird, I always think of bison meat to still be beef just because they look so similar to cows. I feel like they’re kind of the same. But I do know they’re leaner, so occasionally I get bison meat from my Safeway and use it like I would in place of beef, like spaghetti and meat balls, stir-fries, etc. Works out well.

  • Healthier and leaner sound perfect for us. Definitely will look for this at my local market!

  • Omg! Never knew bison meat was so nutritious! I remember having the privilege of only eating it once! Would really love to try them again soon!

  • Ooh, bison burgers sound great!

  • Delicious looking burger.There is a bison farm not far from our cottage in Maine where we can go and buy bison meat. It has a great flavor…I agree that it needs to be cooked less the beef because it is so lean.

  • Oooh I hope it will be easier to get bison soon. I love a good bison burger!
    Is it weird that I could bite into that burger right now, even though it’s only 8 in the morn?

  • Looks delicious this burger made with bison meat, and yes like the idea that it is healthier…
    Thanks for the post and have a great week 😀

  • Now that looks like a BURGER! We just came back from the mountains and they serve a lot of Bison there. I didn’t have a burger but my husband did and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to try making this sometime. I’m sure it tasted that much better on the pretzel bun. That alone is delicious!

  • That bun is gorgeous! I know how good bison is, and so rarely use it – I have to change that. It’s really good stuff, and I’m lucky in that I can buy some in a couple of local shops. Thanks for the reminder (and a really great picture).

  • I adore bison but as long as it’s 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and BisonBison doesn’t specify if they finish their bison on grasses too! 🙁

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