Gourmet Crackers and A Food Gal Giveaway

New Milton's crackers (front to back): Blueberry Multi-Grain, Honey & Corn, and Chocolate Multi-Grain.

New Milton’s crackers (front to back): Blueberry Multi-Grain, Honey & Corn, and Chocolate Multi-Grain.


Chocolate in a cracker? Blueberries in a cracker? Say, what?

Milton’s Craft Bakers has created just that and more with its new line of baked snack crackers that are made from organic wheat, corn, oats and honey. They’re also kosher.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of the five new flavors: Original Multi-Grain. Honey & Corn, Chocolate Multi-Grain, Blueberry Multi-Grain, and Honey Multi-Grain.

The sturdy crackers have good crunch and can stand up to being dunked into the thickest dips.

The chocolate crackers are not cookie-tasting in the least. They have little sweetness and a faint dusty, cocoa taste. They’d be quite nice with a glass of red wine and cheese.

The blueberry crackers have specks of wild, organic blueberries in them. The berry note is subtle but present.

My favorite of the bunch was the Honey & Corn variety. It does taste a bit like buttered corn with a restrained drizzle of honey.

The crackers have about 110 to 130 calories per serving (6 crackers), depending on the variety. A 6.5-ounce box is $3.99. The crackers are available at Whole Foods, Alberton’s and Sam’s Club.

Five new varieties (three shown here).

Five new varieties (three shown here).

CONTEST: One Food Gal reader will get to try samples of all five flavors of the Milton’s crackers. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST Oct. 5. Winner will be announced Oct. 7.

How to win?

Just tell me about something that you think isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Best answer wins.

Here’s my own answer:

“Is it sacrilege to say Krispy Kreme doughnuts? I just find them wayyyyyy too sweet. And characterless. There, I said it.”

Winner of Last Week’s Contest

In the previous Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me how you’d most enjoy eating apples — and why. Three winners will each win a couple of pounds of SweeTango apples, an apple timer, a cutting board, a T-shirt, and a reusable grocery bag.

SweeTango apples.

SweeTango apples.

Congrats to:

1) Courtney DiMiceli, who wrote, “I cook constantly due to food allergies and use as much fresh fruits and veggies as possible. Breakfast would be cream of rice with warm apple compote and dries cranberries. Lunch would be hearty salad with arugula and spinach topped with sliced apple, walnuts, sunflower seeds, a dash of pink Himalayan salt and fresh lemon squeezed on it. For a dinner dish I would use sliced apples in a slow roasted pork dish with onion and cider and a side of quinoa. Dessert could be something like a small coconut apple tart (made with spelt or almond flour) topped with a light dusting of Saigon cinnamon or apple pie spice.”

2) P, who wrote, “I like eating apples in plain slices so I would go up to the rooftop of my building overlooking Lake Michigan and enjoy them on a cool autumn day here in the great city of Chicago to celebrate the end of summer and a great 2013!”

3) Vanessa, who wrote, “I know it’s not creative, but I love eating these apples plain. It is the first apple my little boy ever ate, and he loves them. They taste like candy and have a fantastic texture. I do think they would make a delicious caramel apple!”

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  • Starbucks Frappuccinos! I can’t walk down the street without seeing someone happily guzzling one. I’ve tried so many flavors, but they just are not all that they are cracked up to be. Yes, they are well blended, but at the end of the day, I always want something more out of them. In particular, I just want them to be a real milkshake, with ice cream 🙂

  • Some may hate me for this, but I don’t think Nutalla is all it’s cracked up to be. People go crazy for it and I don’t think it’s anything too special 🙂

  • Truffles…I know they’re supposed to be super sophisticated and they absolutely are super expensive. I had some on a salad at La Folie and I didn’t think they were anything special. And truffle oil? Don’t even get me started! Awful.

  • Hawaiian Gold Pineapples. I have had three of them, one flown directly to me with a friend from Hawaii. None of them were any better than the standard ones in the grocery store. Simply not worth the extra price. In fact the pineapple we bought from Whole Foods in Fremont tasted better than any of the Hawaiian Gold’s.

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes,
    I know fall is the absolute best season and all, but there are better and far more delicious things to obsess over! Like real pumpkin pie or apple spiced donut holes. Not some corporate premade mix.

  • I would have to say In-N-Out-Burger.
    WTH is so special about that place? Yeah, the hamburgers and fries are good enough, but no better than all the most other hamburger joints. I don’t understand its cult status! I am amazed at the lines just to get waited on there! No thanks.

  • Cake pops! I get they’re cute, but I’d rather eat a big slice of moist cake than a mouthful of fondant.

  • I have two very different yet highly overrated food items that just aren’t all they are cracked up to be: the McRib and anything ‘red velvet’ flavored. Starting with savory, I just don’t understand the appeal of a piece of mystery meat mechanically fashioned into a boneless rib-esque shape and doused in store bought bbq sauce. Why people wait a year for this is beyond me. In regards to anything red velvet flavored, this is just plain ridiculous. The flavor is the same of chocolate cake; the only difference is that red food coloring is added. Since when is red food dye something crave-worthy?

  • Nutella is sooooo overrated. It’s way too sweet, which mutes whatever chocolate taste there is. As a chocolate purist, I find many deeper, darker ways to enjoy chocolate than Nutella!

  • Avocados are the first things that come to mind. They’re slimy and pasty, not to mention their nauseating green color.

  • Store bought granola bars. They can’t hold a light to homemade ones. So much healthier also.

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