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New Gourmet Mayo by Sir Kensington

A homemade shrimp salad made with Sir Kensington mayo.


New York’s Sir Kensington’s is betting it can get you to switch condiment camps.

A year or so ago, it took on Heinz by creating a hand-crafted, all-natural ketchup with a true tomato-y taste. Sir Kensington’s ketchups, which come in Classic and Spiced flavors, are made with vine-ripened pear tomatoes, real onions (as opposed to powdered or dehydrated), cane sugar, honey, agave, apple cider vinegar, coriander, lime juice and allspice.

Now, the company is turning its attention to mayo, believing the standard Best Food (Hellman’s) could use some improvement. It has created a non-GMO mayo in two flavors: Classic and Chipotle. Both are made with sunflower oil and organic cage-free eggs. They’re also gluten-free. A tablespoon of each has 90 calories.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of both.

The Sir Kensington mayos have a luxuriously creamy texture. The Classic is quite eggy tasting with a nice touch of sharpness from lemon juice and white vinegar. It tastes very much like home-made.

The Chipotle has a quite assertive kick, plus a lovely smokiness that would accent grilled meats and seafood well.

The mayo comes in squat jars to make scooping easy.

I used a little of both to bind a delicious shrimp salad made with red onions, parsley and a squirt of lemon juice.

The mayo comes in 10-ounce squat jars that sell for $7 each. Look for them in select Whole Foods, as well as on the Sir Kensington Web site.

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