New Newman’s Own Organics Cookies

Vanilla Newman-O's (foreground) and Spelt Ginger Snaps (back) by Newman's Own Organics.

Vanilla Newman-O’s (foreground) and Spelt Ginger Snaps (back) by Newman’s Own Organics.

After stuffing yourself with all of those holiday sweets, you’ve probably vowed to stay away from cookies — at least for awhile.

If you’re like me, though, that’s a resolution that’s all too easily broken.

If you do give in to temptation, you can at least do so with some degree of virtuousness with new Newman’s Own Organics cookies.

That’s because they’re made with all organic ingredients.

And the new Newman’s Own Organics Family Recipe Ginger Snap Cookies also are now made with spelt, an ancient type of wheat that is high in protein and fiber.

The bite-size cookies do indeed snap and crunch with a noticeable dose of ginger spiciness that tickles the tongue. You’ll even find itty-bitty pieces of real candied ginger in them.

They are delicious to snack on and would make a wonderful cheesecake crust, too.

Five cookies have a total of 140 calories with 4g total fat and 2g dietary fiber.

Additionally, Newman’s Own Organics now makes Vanilla Newman-O’s.

Think a blonde version of an Oreo with pale, crisp cookies sandwiching a sweet, creamy filling that definitely tastes of vanilla.

Two cookies have a total of 120 calories with 5g total fat.

Find them at stores such as Andronico’s and New Leaf Community Markets for  $3.49 to $4.79.

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