Easy Drinking Vinho Verde

Golden with a tinge of green, Vino Verde is made to be enjoyed young.

Golden with a tinge of green, Vino Verde is made to be enjoyed young.


I’ve been intrigued by Vinho Verde since taking an illuminating wine class a couple years ago at the International Culinary Center in Campbell.

Among the discussions we got into was the best wine to accompany sushi.

I’d had my share of sake, Sauvignon Blanc and Chablis with my nigiri. But when our instructor, Master Sommelier Jesse Becker, mentioned he loved Vinho Verde with sushi, that was a new one on me.

The Portuguese wine is not a particular varietal per se. Instead, the name refers to “green wine,” meaning a young one, meant to be enjoyed readily, rather than tucked away in a cellar for years.

Vinho Verde can be red, white or rose. I had a chance to try a white one when I received a sample of Norte Vinho Verde ($8). It’s a blend of three grape varietals: Loureiro, Trajadura, and Arinto.

It’s an easy-to-enjoy, light-bodied wine is full of bracing acidity. It’s characterized by lemon, lime and grass. Imagine if Sprite were dry, alcoholic and mixed with a touch of tonic water, and you’ll get the picture.

With sushi — and even hard-to-pair artichokes and asparagus — it’s a wonderfully refreshing sip.

Winner of Last Week’s Food Gal Contest

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All the makings for a delicious salad dressing.

All the makings for a delicious salad dressing.

Congrats to:

Thuy, who wrote, “Summer to me, means embarking on destinations unknown. To some it may mean exploring a whole new country while others like me are learning how to swim…at the age of 26. Summer can teach you how to be fearless, become a kid again and do something that’s extremely out of your comfort zone. Summer forces you to jump, fly or simply learning a new skill. An abundance of opportunities and memories lie within this season, fresh fruits to be picked, sun kissed glow upon your skin where long hot nights seem endless. What’s not to love?”


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