Wake Up and Smell The Coffee, Tea, Yerba Mate, Etc.

It's coffee. But more. Kind of. Sort of.

It’s coffee. But more. Kind of. Sort of.


San Franciscan Kelly Peterson was on the hunt for a coffee alternative — one that had the flavor of her favorite brew, but not the jarring acidity.

She ended up creating her own: Levity Brew.

It’s a blend of organic, single-origin Columbian coffee; organic yerba mate (naturally caffeinated leaves from the rainforest tree); organic chicory; organic imperial green tea; and wild-harvested guarana seed (naturally caffeinated seeds from the South American tree).

You brew it just like a cup of tea using the nifty bag it comes in.

I had a chance to try a sample. It drinks like tea, but tastes like coffee, if that makes any sense. It’s got the color, smell, and the roasty, slightly bitter edge of coffee. I definitely felt a caffeine buzz afterward. But it has a gentler countenance like tea.

One cup has about 80mg of caffeine, according to Peterson, about the same as a shot of espresso. It also has 20 percent less acidity than typical coffee.

Take a taste.

Take a taste.

A 12-pack sold on the Levity Brew site is $25.

Will it replace my usual French roast? I doubt it, only because I do like the taste of full-onย  coffee. However, I do love the product’s portability and can see toting these easily in my purse when traveling, especially because all you need is a cup and hot water for a pick-me-up.

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