Your Chance To Win A $50 Gift Card to La Pastaia in San Jose

Cassarece pasta at La Pastaia. (Photo courtesy of La Pastaia, Hotel De Anza)

Cassarece pasta at La Pastaia. (Photo courtesy of La Pastaia, Hotel De Anza)


Located in the historic Hotel De Anza in downtown San Jose, La Pastaia was always one of my favorite restaurants when I worked in that city.

After all, I unabashedly love my carbs. And La Pastaia’s pastas always had a way of winning me over. Executive Chef Juan Zaragoza, who has been at the restaurant for a decade, turns out Italian favorites such as spaghetti vongole ($22) and cacio e pepe ($16), and standards such as a pork chop with warm farro salad ($27) and pan-seared salmon with toasted orzo ($25).

The hotel’s Headley Club Lounge, which features live jazz, has a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe that’s perfect for enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine. I’ve had many a reunion or good-bye party there with friends and colleagues.

Salmon at La Pastaia. (Photo courtesy of La Pastaia, Hotel De Anza)

Salmon at La Pastaia. (Photo courtesy of La Pastaia, Hotel De Anza)

CONTEST: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a $50 gift card to La Pastaia.

Entries, open only to those who can actually use the gift card within a year, will be accepted through midnight PST June 18. Winner will be announced June 20.

How to win?

If you’ve been to the DeAnza or La Pastaia before, tell me your fondest memory of the place. If you haven’t been yet, tell me why you most want to try La Pastaia.

Best answer wins.

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  • I haven’t been but am eager to try La Pastaia. When I met my husband three years ago, one of my first questions (since I delight in culinary experiences) was, “What is your favorite kind of food?” He answered, “pasta and pizza.” So starting with our first monthiversary and with every monthly dating and engagement milestone after, I made reservations at fantastic pasta or pizza places in San Francisco, where I lived at the time. I loved introducing both of us to places like Seven Hills, Flour + Water, and SPQR. Now that we’re married and living in Silicon Valley, I’d love to restart the monthly celebration tradition and discover great pasta and pizza places here, and this gift certificate would be a memorable way and ideal incentive to do it! Thanks for hosting these contests!

  • We go to San Jose from SF every weekend to visit my (new) husband’s 93 year old mother. Last week we moved her into a memory (Altheimer disease) care facility. Needless to say, weekends just got a whole lot more depressing.

    Food is love…and we love our food. I would sure like something to look forward to on a Saturday night.

  • My daughter was born in China and loves pasta. We think she might be related to someone with Marco Polo as they passed through Hunan. One of our favorite places to eat is Antipasto’s in east San Jose. We would enjoy trying out a new place. Thanks.

  • I live in San Jose and the De Anza Hotel is where my mother stayed when she moved here from England to marry my father in 1954 – she spent her first night in California at the De Anza Hotel. I would love to take my wife for our 1 year anniversary. My wife loves pasta.

  • First, I love pasta! Only thing I love more than pasta is milk, I’m a milkaholic! But I digress.

    I will be turning the big 5-0 in a couple months. I’ve decided to start treating myself better. Take better care of my mind, body & soul. I’d love to celebrate my special day here! I want to try new restaurants each & every month.

    Thank you for introducing me to La Pastaia!

  • Oh my goodness. Nostalgia. :)))

    I used to treat myself to La Pastaia when I had a little extra money. It was one of the most satisfying indulgences that made the stress of going to school and working a million times better.

    I’ve since had to move away to continue my schooling, but you just gave me warm remembrances that inspire me to return, gift card or not, and certainly, now, to share it with my husband. Another good excuse is that we can visit his family in Redwood City.

    Take care :).

  • I’d love to visit La Pastaia because I’ve never been to Hotel De Anza at all! The menu sounds wonderful, and I also like the idea of the Jazz.

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