Coffee So Good

Raw cacao, cashews, a touch of sea salt, and cold-pressed coffee make up this Cashew Mocha.

Raw cacao, cashews, a touch of sea salt, and cold-pressed coffee make up this Cashew Mocha.


Coffee So Good is coffee so nutty, too.

In the best of ways.

This organic cold brew coffee manages to be creamy while being vegan.

The secret is cashews.

The nuts provide the creaminess that milk or cream normally would. Each 10-ounce bottle has 160-180 calories, as well as 4 grams of protein, about 10 grams of fat, and about 9 grams of sugar from agave nectar, depending upon the flavor.

I had a chance to try samples from the Minneapolis company. The non-GMO-certified beverages come in five flavors: Cashew Coffee, Vanilla Nutte, Cashew Chai, Cashew Mocha, and Lavender Nutte.

Choose from five flavors.

Choose from five flavors.

They’re all rich and creamy, tasting rather indulgent even though the calorie count is moderate. The Cashew Coffee tastes like a coffee milkshake and has the deepest coffee flavor of the bunch. The Vanilla Nutte is like an iced latte with a milky vanilla flavor. The Cashew Chai is redolent of cardamom and cinnamon. The coffee flavor is still there, but less pronounced, as the spices come through more prominently. The Cashew Mocha is probably my favorite just because I am an avowed chocoholic. This tastes as satisfying as a mocha milkshake. The Lavender Nutte has a definite floral note, but it’s not overpowering. For those who like their coffee strong with more earthy and astringent qualities, this flavor may not be their, er, cup of tea.

The nutty coffees are a caffeinated treat, especially during the warm days of summer.

Find them for $3.99 each at Target or $30 for a 6-pack from the So Good So You site.

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