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You’re Invited To #Foodtography With the Food Gal and Craig Lee

SunnyvaleLibraryWorkshopDo you like to share your opinions about food? And photograph what you eat or cook?

Then, you’ll want to join me and award-winning food photographer Craig Lee when we host a workshop, “#Footography,” 7 p.m. April 25 at the Sunnyvale Public Library.

I’ll share the in’s and out’s of food writing these days — whether it be a simple post on Facebook or an in-depth magazine story or even writing a cookbook. Want to break into food writing? Learn what it takes, as well as the benefits and the pitfalls involved. Want to start your own food blog? Learn what that entails — the good, the bad and the crazy.

Craig, who for years was the main food photographer for the San Francisco Chronicle’s food section, will teach you how to compose, light and shoot better food photos — no matter if you’re using a camera phone or a DSLR.

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Annieglass Debuts New Spring Collection, Plus A Food Gal Giveaway

A stunning hand-made glass cheese board by Annieglass. (Photo by Annieglass)


Looking for a perfect bridal shower gift? Or wedding gift? Or perhaps just something new and pretty for your own entertaining needs?

Annieglass has you covered with its new spring line.

Watsonville designer Annie Morhauser has been handcrafting unique glassware for more than 30 years. Made in her Watsonville studio, her elegant pieces have been featured at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, and at the Four Seasons resorts. Celebs Jennifer Aniston and John Grisham are reported fans, too.

You’ll find the designs at her store, which opened last year in San Jose’s Santana Row.

Annieglass debuts new collections only twice a year. The new spring collection is all about spring blooms with bowls and glasses with scalloped, petal edges. The pieces range in price from $67 to $240.

The new spring collection by Annieglass. (Photo by Annieglass)

The new spring collection by Annieglass. (Photo by Annieglass)

CONTEST: See that gorgeous Annieglass large Grove Plank Cheese Board at the top of this post? The wood grain and knots were actually textured using wood grain from an actual tree. The 15-by-8-inch hand-made glass board (valued at $113) is durable, chip-resistant and dishwasher-safe. It’s one of Annieglass’ best sellers.

Imagine serving cheese, crackers, fruit or canapes to friends and family from that stunning piece. You can — if you’re the winner of this contest.

One lucky Food Gal reader will receive that glass board. Entries, limited to those on the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST April 16. Winner will be announced April 18.

How to win?

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Call for Entries for Sunnyvale Library’s “Cooking Up Stories” and So Much More


Participate in “Cooking Up Stories”

The Sunnyvale Public Library invites foodie writers to take part in its “Cooking Up Stories,” an ebook about food and cooking.

The library is seeking your best short story or non-fiction piece to publish in this electronic compilation. If your submission is chosen for inclusion, it will be added to the library’s online collection, making it available to a wide audience. You still retain the copyright to your story, so you can reuse your submission elsewhere in the future, too.

Submissions will be taken starting April 1. For more information about the project, click here.

Smitten Ice Cream Coming to Santana Row

The upside to all that construction going on lately at the Park Valencia area of San Jose’s Santana Row?

A new and improved plaza that will include Smitten Ice Cream.

Mint chocolate ice cream being made at Smitten Ice Cream in Los Altos. (Photo by Carolyn Jung)

Mint chocolate ice cream being made at Smitten Ice Cream in Los Altos. (Photo by Carolyn Jung)

The 600-square-foot shop will open in July, serving Smitten’s patented made-to-order ice cream. You can watch for yourself as liquid nitrogen freezes the mixture in a flash at a super low temperature, resulting in smaller ice crystals and a supremely smooth ice cream.

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Shake It On — And A Food Gal Giveaway

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt from the San Francisco Salt Company.

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt from the San Francisco Salt Company.


Boxers or briefs?

Pie or cake?

Salty or sweet?

In answer to the last question, I decidedly favor sweet.

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate salty, and in particular, how a pinch of salt evens out sweetness or rounds out the flavor of most anything.

The San Francisco Salt Company understands that. Its British founder Lee Williamson originally started the company to sell bath salts, because he was hooked on its therapeutic and relaxing effects from soaking in the tub after a long day of work.

It wasn’t long, though, before he turned his attention to culinary salts, too.

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Batty for Bison — Plus A Food Gal Giveaway

Durham Ranch bison ribs right out of the smoker.

Durham Ranch bison ribs right out of the smoker.


Love the brawny taste of beef, but feeling a tad guilty about all that fat and cholesterol that go along with it?

Then, take a taste of bison.

Buffalo meat has much the same satisfying flavor, but with less fat and cholesterol, as well as fewer calories. Consider that a 3.5-ounce serving of choice beef has nearly 19 grams of fat, while the same portion of bison has just 2.42 grams. The bison also has more iron, B-12 and protein.

I admit I’ve eaten far more beef than bison, simply because it’s easier to find in most stores. So, I jumped at the chance when Durham Ranch of Wyoming offered to send me some samples to try.

The 55,000-acre ranch was started in 1965 by Armando Flocchini, a former butcher in San Francisco. It remains one of the largest bison ranches in North America.

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