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SMIP Ranch Produce Boxes, Giant See’s Lollypop and Julia Child 100th Birthday Dinners

Carrots from SMIP Ranch. (Photo by Ed Anderson)

Produce Boxes with A Chef Pedigree

Have you lusted after the pristine fruits and veggies on your plate when you’ve dined at the Village Pub in Woodside, Spruce in San Francisco, Mayfield Bakery & Cafe in Palo Alto and Cafe des Amis in San Francisco?

Now, you can purchase the same just-picked produce that those Bacchus Management Group restaurants, which also includes Pizza Antica, use daily. It all comes from SMIP Ranch in the hills above Woodside.

SMIP, an acronym for “sic manebimus in pace, Latin for “thus we will remain in peace,” began its relationship with the restaurants in 2001. The five-acre farm adheres to sustainable practices. In fact, the oil used at the restaurants is recycled and converted into biodiesel that powers the farm equipment and delivery van.

Its bounty has grown so abundant that it can now offer produce boxes to the public each week for $28 each.

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New Premium Licorice, Giant See’s Lollypop To Be Unveiled & Food Gal Contest Winner Plus Bonus

New licorice products by the makers of Red Vines. (Photo by Carolyn Jung)

Premium Licorice and How To Get A Free Bag

Union City’s American Licorice Company — makers of everyone’s favorite Red Vines — has brought out a new licorice product: Natural Vines.

Made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, the Natural Vines are sweetened with only cane syrup and molasses. They contain real licorice extract, too.

Natural Vines come in two varieties: Strawberry and Black. The strawberry has an actual vivid berry flavor, while the black licorice tastes of anise and almost black coffee. Both types come not in your traditional long strands of licorice, but fat nubbins, about an inch long. They’re softer to chew than Red Vines, too. Each piece has 17 calories.

Eight-ounce bags are $3.49 each in select grocery stores.

They come in handy, resealable bags. (Photo by Carolyn Jung)

If you’re a film buff, you’ll get a chance to try the licorice. The American Licorice Company will be giving out thousands of full-sized bags of both the Strawberry and Black Natural Vines throughout the summer at San Francisco’s Film Night in the Park, Movies on the Square in Redwood City, and the Starlight Cinema Series in San Jose.

The licorice will be given out at the Aug. 4 and Sept. 29 showings in San Francisco; the July 19, Aug. 2, Aug. 6, Aug. 23 and Aug 30 showings in Redwood City; and at the July 19, July 26, Aug. 16, Aug. 23, and Aug. 31 showings in San Jose.

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