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Ronda’s Romesco — You’ll Want To Put It On Everything

Ronda’s Romesco will add punch to most anything, such as these shrimp-zucchini-onion kebabs I grilled at home.

If you’ve gone bonkers for Sichuan chili crisp like everyone else, you might wonder what the next ”It” condiment will be to supplant its runaway popularity.

I’m here to say it just very well might be romesco.

Because one taste of Ronda’s Romesco had me convinced.

Ronda Brittian of Petaluma is a trauma nurse. Raised in a family of accomplished home cooks, she’s also a food entrepreneur who has joined forces with her life partner, Steve Davis, a food brand manager, to create a line of jarred romesco, the classic Spanish sauce of almonds, tomato, garlic, red wine vinegar, red peppers, and olive oil.

I make my own romesco from scratch now and then, but having it ready-made in a jar sure makes it extra convenient.

Regular and Spicy varieties.

I had a chance to try samples of Ronda’s Romesco, which come in two varieties: regular and spicy.

Both are vivid red, loose but chunky sauces full of deep, sweet tomato taste akin to sun-dried tomatoes along with a true nuttiness and wine-y tang. The regular has just a hint of heat. The spicy version does indeed turn up the volume, tickling the palate and back of the throat with moderate but not searing heat.

Full of finely chopped almonds for an especially nutty taste.

One taste and you’ll immediately start thinking of putting it on scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, meatloaf, roast chicken, grilled seafood, roasted veggies, turkey burgers, tofu, and so much more.

A 9.4-ounce jar is $9.95 on the Ronda’s Fine Food site. The romesco is also sold at retailers such as Andronico’s, The Spanish Table, Bianchini’s Market, Zanotto’s Market, and Nugget Markets.