Dosas: The Breakfast of Champions

Dosas being made at Junnoon. Photo by Chris Schmauch.

They are at Palo Alto’s Junnoon restaurant, where dosas are the star of Saturday brunch.

The delicate South Indian crepes are made to order from a lentil-rice batter. At Junnoon, they get both traditional and modern takes. Enjoy one filled with mustard seed and curry-leaf flavored potatoes and grilled onions ($12); or one wrapped around Petaluma farm fresh eggs and sliced Kurobuta ham with avocado raita ($14).

Alongside, sip one of the specialty brunch cocktails ($9 each), such as mango mimosa or iced spiced chai (spiked with Captain Morgan spiced rum).

Brunch is served 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

A modern take on a dosa. Photo by Chris Schmauch.

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  • Pitifully, I’ve never made it to Junnoon, though I’ve heard a good bit about it. Reading your little blurb has given me just the kick-start I needed to get a visit there on my calendar.

  • Carolyn – Junnoon is beautiful, but try the dosas at Dosa Place on El Camino near Calabaszas in Santa Clara: lots of variety, good quality, and cheap!

    BTW: I loved your articles about your dad and your mom. You’re the only food writer who’s ever moved me to tears. Keep up the good work here and in the Metro!

  • After that glowing recommendation, I will put Dosa Place on my must-visit list, for sure.

    And thank you for the kind words, Claudette! It’s much appreciated

  • That dosa looks so pretty.

    We haven’t tried Junnoon, but my wife says that the dosas at Tirupath Bhimas in Milptias are really good.

  • Whoa!. as a south Indian, those dosa are wierd! I have never seen ham and dosa ever! Nevertheless, i have to try them !

  • I’ve tried many dosa places in Santa Clara County, including Dosa Place (but not Junnoon), and my favorite by far is Saravanaa Bhavan. Light, crispy, and relatively non-oily. Delicious in either the standard or rava versions.

  • I’ve heard many good things about Saravanaa Bhavan. It is definitely on my list of places to try. With your glowing recommendation, I might just have to bump it to the top of the list.

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