Food Gal Boutique

Introducing the posh Food Gal tote bag. Photo by Joanne Hoyoung-Lee.
Step inside the Food Gal Boutique to preview the season’s newest designs. Care for a chocolate bonbon or glass of bubbly while you take a look around?

Prada, Gucci and Burberry? Soooo yesterday. Food Gal is the it designer for glam foodies with exceptional taste.

Find cute T-shirts and sweatshirts, stylish aprons, and a must-have tote bag. Join the craze and sport the Food Gal look.

New to the boutique: Introducing a new logo collection inspired by my hubby. Long-time readers of my food stories and blog already know him as Meat Boy for his insatiable appetite for all things meaty. Guys will not be able to resist the new T-shirts, sweatshirts, and aprons with the bold, saucy Meat Boy logo featuring a hefty, manly cleaver.

Click on the Food Gal logo below to start shopping.

Enter Food Gal store here.


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