Nuts About These Nuts

Regular blanched almonds on the left; Sicilian Pizzuta almonds on the right.

As you know, I love nuts of all kinds. My latest paramour? The native Sicilian almond called Pizzuta.

This rather flat-shaped almond is amazing. It has a rich, intense, almost creamy flavor. Think marzipan — but with a pleasant, toasty bitterness and none of the aching, cavity-inducing sweetness.

I discovered these almonds at Zanotto’s, 1970 Naglee Ave. in San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood. They’re $19.99 a pound. Look for them packed in small plastic tubs by the cheese case. The store doesn’t always have them in stock. But do keep an eye out for them. They’re a treat with cheese and a glass of sherry, or — heck — just all on their own. 

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  • Um, $19.99 a pound? That’s more expensive than the wild king salmon I just bought at Whole Foods! Those had better be some almonds. Glad you reminded me about Zanotto’s now that it’s fall, though — they have terrific soup.

    p.s. I’m a big Marcona almond fan, and those are probably just as expensive so I should probably shut my trap.

  • Don’t worry, a little goes a long way as with most nuts. They are pretty addicting, though, I must say.

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