It’s Not What You Think

Sushi. Or is it?

Consider this the ultimate sustainable sushi.

After all, nothing over-fished went into creating this beautiful dish. The maki rolls, salmon egg nigiri, and even the pickled ginger and dab of wasabi you see here are cookies and candies. Yes, all made of chocolate, crisp rice, apricot gummi “eggs,” and other edible items.

Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi of San Jose crafts these intricate, realistic-looking sushi sweets by hand. Two sisters — one a former illustrator, the other a former teacher — started the business 13 years ago. They set out to create a unique cookie, and more than succeeded.

Purchase an array of sushi cookie assortments, as well as chocolate chopsticks and “kanpai!” cups at the tiny retail store tucked into a warehouse/office park area of San Jose. Most items also can be ordered online.

Prices start at $10 for chocolate chopsticks and $12 for one piece of sushi in a pretty washi paper box; and go on up to $75 for an elaborate arrangement of nine sushi in a lacquered sushi serving tub .

Unlike real sushi, these should never be refrigerated.

And once you’re finished staring in disbelief, do take a bite. After all, they’re meant to be eaten, not merely ogled.

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  • very cool, though how do they taste? Seems pretty pricey too.

  • Oh, my. These are beautiful works of art, but at those prices, I think I would display them for a while before I ate them. The salmon roe is especially gorgeous.

  • They’re not inexpensive because of all the labor involved. The intricate candies are made by hand. And the taste? Umm, think Rice Krispie treats with fruit-flavored gummis or other tiny candies mixed in. They’re not super sweet.

  • Those are unbelievable. I had to look especially close at the salmon roe one – so realistic!!

  • You had me. “Not what you think?” I am wondering and am most of the way through the article before I get it! Your photography is beautifully staged and lit as always, so we can study the craftsmanship.

  • Wow… that is some serious food art. I couldn’t tell at all – and imagine they’d make for a funny prank!

  • Moe, you are way too kind! I’m still a newbie photographer. So I just take a lot of photos and hope one turns out decently. It’s the beauty of digital photography. 😉

  • Wow, those look incredible, I had no idea they weren’t “real” sushi.

  • I’ve been wanting to try this place for ages as I think it would be a great present for my sushi loving husband…hmm…maybe he needs to receive some for Christmas? (after I’ve done some taste testing right?)

  • An addendum: Unfortunately, Kooki-Sushi of San Jose closed its doors earlier this year. The owners decided it was time to retire. At least the amazing sushi confections live on in memories and in photos to enjoy.

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