Cute-As-Can-Be Brown Butter Buttons

Heavenly brown butter buttons

These cookie nubbins pack a wallop of brown butter flavor. Even after you finish chewing, the nutty, rich flavor lingers on and on, much like a fine wine.

Their texture is surprising, too — extremely sandy and crisp, almost like a smaller, thicker version of a Chinese almond cookie.

“Nancy’s Brown Butter Buttons” is an heirloom recipe from the Swedish aunt of baker extraordinaire Nancy Kux, who used to own Nancy’s Fancies in San Carlos. Kux always will hold a special place in my heart because it was she who made my unforgettable almond-and-buttercream wedding cake.

Yes, this is the proper way the dough should look.

The recipe is one of many gems in the new “Baking for All Occasions” cookbook by Palo Alto baking expert Flo Braker.

Don’t be alarmed when you find the dough very crumbly. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Just us your palms and fingers to work it into cohesive balls.

Find the recipe and my review of the book on ProjectFoodie.

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