Finally — Pinkberry Comes to Town

Pinkberry's new seasonal flavor, pomegranate. (Photo courtesy of Pinkberry)

The wait is over for Northern California’s first Pinkberry.

The Korean-style tart fro-yo that started the whole craze will open Saturday, Jan. 17 at Santana Row in San Jose. You’ll find it in a pavillion in Santana Row that was once the concierge center.

Pinkberry serves two main flavors: Original (tart) and Green Tea. A new seasonal flavor makes its debut, too: Pomegranate.

The Los Angeles Times humorously calls Pinkberry “the yogurt that launched 1,000 parking tickets.” Its original West Hollywood store was inundated with yogurt fanatics who risked double-parking to stand in line for a cup of the creamy, thick yogurt.

Now, Bay Area folks can get their chance to see what all the fuss is about. Look for more Pinkberry locations to come in the Bay Area, too, according to Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO. No details yet on the exact future locations.

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  • Yay! I’m not going the first day, but hopefully soon. The song on their website is so cute & catchy!

  • Really, what is the fuss all about? Aren’t there enough frozen yogurt places around? Or is Pinkberry the king of froyo?

  • Ahh, I think everyone has their fro-yo camps. People get quite vocal and loyal. I think with Pinkberry you have the curiosity factor. After all, it’s the one that started a resurgence in frozen yogurt on our shores.

  • Why does it not surprise me that the Bay’s first PB is opening in Santana Row… I do miss Cali, but I’ve been eating PB since I moved here 2 years ago, so I guess there are some perks to dealing with the cold weather and crowds:-)

  • Did you see the front page of the Business Section in today’s Mercury News? It’s about the Fro-Yo craze and talks about the two competitors, Pinkberry and Red Mango, coming into our town. The local Red Mango is owned by Survivor winner Yul Kwon.

  • I did see the Merc Biz story. In fact, my friend Donna wrote the story. I hope she got to taste. She’s been dying to try both Red Mango and Pinkberry.

  • I do like Pinkberry – mostly for the toppings though! I love the little mochi balls.

  • The original is our fave, hands down. With lots of Capn Crunch!

  • I dont think its korean style yogurt its just yogurt. the cofounders are korean but they met and collaborated with the original maker of gelato, it from italy!

    the images are so nice, everyone tries imitate but it never works. I think these are the designers that made PINKBERRY POSSIBLE today! such a name website

  • Good to know. I like Menchies bteetr. Best spot in LA and has biggest celeb following. They're opening 10 stores in Atlanta in next 2 months and have over 100 rotating flavors. http://www.menchies.comPlus, as a mom with a 3 & 5 year old they are THE most kid friendly.

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