South Bay Chef Battles In Kitchen Stadium

David Kinch of Manresa restaurant challenges on "Iron Chef America.'' (Photo courtesy of the Food Network)

There have been a parade of big-name San Francisco chefs who have duked it out on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America.”

But now, those of us in the South Bay, finally will have one of our own to cheer on in Kitchen Stadium.

None other than David Kinch, chef of the two-Michelin-star Manresa in Los Gatos, will challenge an Iron Chef on Sunday, March 15. Of course, we can’t be a spoiler and tell you how he fared or what the secret ingredient was when he taped the show. But we can say that he goes chef’s knife to chef’s knife with Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

Those who know Kinch’s earnest demeanor and perfectionist nature when it comes to cooking might be surprised that he agreed to participate in such a zany cooking competition.

“We are serious about what we do, but hopefully don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Kinch says. “We like to have fun, too. And more than anything, I knew it would be a new experience and a lot of fun.”

Indeed, he jumped at the chance when he was extended his first invitation to the show. And he enjoyed the experience so much, he said that he’d definitely consider doing it again.

What surprised him most about doing the show?

“How long it takes to film, and the attention to detail to get everything right,” he says.  “It was impressive. You must never forget though that even though it is TV and is entertainment, that the hour that you cook, it is the real deal. If equipment doesn’t work or breaks, or you cut your finger off, the clock doesn’t stop. You keep going — just like in a real kitchen.”

Kinch has help, too. He’s assisted in Kitchen Stadium by his current chef de cuisine, John Paul Carmona; as well as his former chef de cuisine, James Syhabout, who will open his first restaurant, Commis, in Oakland this summer.

Tune in to see if Kinch’s elegant cuisine reigns supreme.

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  • Since he wants to do it again, he probably lost.

    I guess Pim wasn’t judging 😉

    You know what I’d like to see on Iron Chef America? Battle DIRT. Talk about a challenge! hee hee hee

  • Ooh, can’t wait to see this one. I ate at Manresa a few years ago.

  • I wish David Kinch all the luck in the world. It will change his life if he wins. We had a chef here in Vancouver Chef Feenie and he won on Iron Chef. The man became a superstar here in Canada. Good luck David!

  • Cool! I love watching Iron Chef!
    Thanks for the update Carolyn! I’m going to make sure to tune in!

  • Carolyn, Saw your post on Twitter, this is great news and a good excuse to watch the show, too. Wonder if they’ll show it on the same date in the Toronto market… Sometimes there’s a lag (even though we pay for satellite) – silly.

  • That’s so, so cool. I like Bobby Flay well enough, but I’d love to see Kinch kick his a**!

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  • How neat. I will look forward to watching this episode.

  • YaHoo! Home town star on Iron Chef! How cool is that? Thanks for bring this to our attention here in the South Bay!

  • Chuck, I love Rob Feenie. Had a chance to taste his glorious food when he was still with Lumiere. Just outstanding!

    Nate: I didn’t ask about Pim (for those not in the know, she of fame is Kinch’s longtime steady). But I’m guessing that would be one major conflict of interest if she was a judge when he was on the show.

  • Love to visit Manresa one of these days.

    Rob Feenie is gone, and now Daniel Boulud runs the space. May be time to return to Vancouver?

  • Vancouver is one of my fave cities ever, Helen. My hubby and I even fantasized about retiring there some day. Alas, that plan was scrapped when we saw a newscast that said the cost of living there is equivalent to Chicago. Sigh. Ahh, maybe if we win the Lotto…

  • Ahhh man I’m so bummed, I won’t be home on the 15th to watch it. Maressa is probably my favourite restaurant of all time. I have had better single dishes, but I’ve never been to a place that’s quite as consistently good across every dining experience.

  • Manresa is a fabulous restaurant. So thrilled to see David Kinch in action. He is a fantastic chef.

  • For those of you who missed it last night, David Kinch trounced Bobby Flay by a whopping 10 points on “Iron Chef America.” The secret ingredient? Cabbage and all its varieties, including bok choy.

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