Green Velvet Cupcake

Green, it is! (Photo courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes)

Yes, it’s what you think it is: A Red Velvet cupcake shaded green instead.

It’s a special St. Patrick’s Day cupcake that will be featured at Sprinkles  Cupcakes for the holiday. Priced at $3.25, it’s available now through March 17. 

For even more St. Patrick’s fun, Sprinkles also is offering an Irish Chocolate Cupcake at the same price. It’s a Belgian dark chocolate cake topped with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting, and a green shamrock.

At Kara’s Cupcakes in Palo Alto and San Franciso, all the cupcakes will get a dash of green.

Through March 17, every variety of cupcake with get a special adornment — a green fondant shamrock.

Just think, you can have your green, and eat it, too.

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  • I’ve been seeing differently colored velvet cupcakes around the internet a lot lately…red velvet kind of weirds me out as it is (I finally tried it and it’s good, just not for me) and I just can’t fathom eating a green cupcake that isn’t matcha. Too green for me…my Irish ancestors would be ashamed.

  • This cupcake is so cute! I just found out that there is a cupcake shop opened near us that is featuring a St. Patrick’s day that is similar to this one. I have to go and check it out right away!

  • I like the color green. I even have a very few Irish genes in me. But that cupcake creeps me out. I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it. I’ll have to wait a week until they are red again.

  • Cute gimmick, but will it sell? Looks and presentation are part of taste. I guess people are turned off by anything green that isn’t vegetable.

    Is it priced the same as the regular cupcakes?

  • That’s great! I think Austin doesn’t know what St. Patrick’s Day is–there’s nothing green going on here!

  • The Irish chocolate cupcake is the clear winner!

  • LOVE the idea of green velvet cupcakes. I’m about an hour away from Sprinkles, so I don’t think I’ll be heading over there before Tuesday, but it sure does sound good.

  • Yes, Nate, they are the same price as the regular, everyday cupcakes. So get your dollar bills in order and get in line. 😉

    I’m with you guys: A matcha one would be even better. Plus, it’s naturally green. And I do so love anything with green tea.

  • what a good idea! I love red velvet. Green is kinda funky, but rather fun for St. Paddy’s Day!

  • I love seeing bakeries venture out beyond red velvet to other colors. That’s a beautiful shade of green in that Sprinkles cupcake. Too bad it’s seasonal! Milk, an awesome bakery/cafe on Beverly Blvd. in LA, sells blue velvet cake slices year round. I’ve made pink velvet cupcakes before, though I admit that was because I ran out of red food dye. Do you know how much dye it takes to tint cake a rich color? A LOT!!!!

  • How adorable! I love that they called them green “velvet” cupcakes, it definitely conjures up images of red velvet cupcakes, with a cute St. Patties Day twist! I think I might try to enjoy one of these with a glass of Irish coffee!

  • What a cute idea! But yeah, not very economical for most.

  • What a great idea. I love it!

  • I’ve heard so much about Sprinkles from my sisters in the LA area so I’ve extracted a promise that on our next visit, there will be a box waiting in the guest room!

  • I’m from LA and not one to badmouth a great bakery, but have to say if you come all the way out here for Sprinkles’ red velvet cupcake, you may disappointed. Do yourself a favor and try one of their chocolate or interesting mocha flavors and walk down the block to The Farm in Beverly Hills for their red velvet cupcake (other plus, the Farm has a delicious latte!). Much more flavor and richness in theirs, but Sprinkles does have it’s unique flavors that are quite delicious and unique.

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