San Francisco’s Bong Su Restaurant Closes

 Empress rice. (Photo courtesy of Bong Su restaurant)

After three years in business, Bong Su, the chic, modern-Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, closed its doors after Saturday night’s dinner service.

Proprietors Anne Le Ziblatt and Tammy Huynh said they made the fateful decision because of concerns that the economic crisis would continue to worsen over the next year, and because of an on-going dispute with their landlord.

Le Ziblatt and Huynh will continue to operate their sister restaurant, Tamarine in Palo Alto. And they have not ruled out exploring other new opportunities in the future.

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  • Bong Su was a beautiful restaurant and had a really popular happy hour at the bar. So I’m kind of surprised it closed. Unfortunately, landlord issues have been the death knell for a few restaurateurs of late. And since it’s harder for me to get to the Peninsula, I won’t be able to try their food.

  • What a travesty, I really liked Bong Su, and am sad to see it go.

  • That’s so sad. Among the restaurants I reviewed for the Mercury News, Bong Su was a favorite. Not only was the food terrific, the setting was stunning. I hope they find another location for all the art as well as their upscale Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Another restaurant bites the dust. That is truly sad.

  • 🙁

    Their food was so good. Really sad to hear they’re gone.

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