Aziza Chef to Star in His Own Show

Chef Mourad Lahlou to star on TV. (Photo courtesy of Aziza restaurant)

Meet the newest Bay Area chef to star on the small screen — the very talented Chef-Proprietor Mourad Lahlou of Aziza in San Francisco.

A native of Marrakesh, Lahlou has revolutionized Moroccan cooking at his restaurant, even introducing elements of molecular gastronomy to his dishes.

In conjunction with Full Plate Media, he will produce a 13-part series that will explore the foods of Morocco. Each episode will begin in Marrakesh, and end in San Francisco. If the format sounds similar to the show, “Made in Spain” with Chef José Andres, that shouldn’t be surprising since Full Plate Media also produced that series.

A companion cookbook also will be produced just in time for the show’s broadcast, which is expected to be in 2010.

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  • This sounds great. I’d love to learn more about Moroccan food.

  • Ah, you mentioned two of my favorite chefs in one post. I loved Jose’s food and could always think of an excuse to eat at one of his restaurants. Aziza is in my hood so I am fortunate to be able to walk to his place, which considering the strength of some of his yummy cocktails is a very good thing. I love Moroccan food and his can’t be beat.

  • The format for this show isn’t very unique, but it’s the kind of format I love. Going to a foreign country, getting a taste of their culture and food, and then coming back to the kitchen to cook that food. Martin Yan has done that a lot for China and Hong Kong, and like you said Mario Batali has done it recently for Spain with Gwenyth Paltrow clinging along like a groupie. 😉 For Lahlou’s show, I think it’ll be cool because we haven’t seen much about Morocco and he has the reputation to back it up.

  • moroccan food and molecular gastronomy! that’s two things you don’t see much in food tv! very excited.

  • Would love to learn more about Moroccan food – will keep an eye out for his book!

  • Aziza was my first Moroccan food experience. I wonder if the series will air out here?

  • What channel will this show me on? Lahlou will definitely have a following, as he is HOT!

  • Passionate Eater: HAH! I was waiting for someone to remark on that, since it seems like every time I post a photo of a good-looking male chef, the female readers of Food Gal can barely contain themselves. 😉

    Since “Made in Spain” airs on local PBS stations, I’m guessing that Lahlou’s show might also air there.

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