FoodGal’s $100 Gift Card Giveaway and Winner of the Asian Cookbook/App

It's worth a $100 gift card.

That smear of yellow makes me happy.

You see, I’m a bonafide condiment gal. Be it mustard, ketchup, pickle relish, chutney, jam or barbecue sauce — I love them all.

I pile ’em on high, so much so that my husband grows rather alarmed at times. But truth be told, I’d often rather have a bun loaded with just condiments than the actual dog or burger inside.

Is that wrong?

I don’t think so. Not when they add such zest and zip to life.

They’re my guilty pleasure — tasty dollops of this, that and the other that I secretly can’t get enough of.

Now, tell me what foodstuff is your guilty habit. Best answer will win a $100 gift card for any CSN online store. Use it toward spicing up your kitchen or adding some modern decor to other rooms in your house.

Contest: Open only to those in the continental United States and Canada. Deadline to enter is midnight PST Jan. 29. Winner will be announced on Jan. 31.

A handy new app that makes grocery shopping at an Asian market easier.Winner of the Asian Cookbook/App: In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me the your favorite Asian ingredient, as well as the one you could easily live without, and why.

The winner will receive a snazzy new “Asian Ingredients 101” iPhone app, as well as a copy of “The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook” (Sasquatch), both by Pat Tanumihardja.

Without further adieu, the grand prize winner is:

Dina @ The Dish & The Dirt, who wrote, “Love that this is coming out having had many a spellbinding moment at Ranch 99 and New May Wah on Clement! Can’t live without item? It’s not original, but it’s a necessary item — soy sauce. We use it as an alternative to salt, to deepen flavors of our stews, to compel my kids to eat food (the food being the vehicle to eat the soy sauce, really), and I even remembering as a kid just mixing soy sauce with a hard boiled egg for my jook or mixing it with mayo for a quick artichoke dip.

Live without item? Fish balls. Just can’t do it. There is something so not aesthetically-pleasing about the look or touch of them — those pale, springy, frozen-what-is-this-made-of-it’s-like-all-that’s-bad-about-hot-dogs-with-none-of-the-good-tasting-pork ‘things.’ Watching my husband eat them by the bowlful seriously has made me question whether we are (culinary) compatible.”

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  • I love copious amounts of chocolate. On anything.

  • I … uh … I don’t know if I want to admit this, even if it is admittedly a guilty ‘habit.’ But for the sake of discussion: three Double Stacks from Wendy’s. That’s right, three of them. For lunch. At least once every couple of weeks. Sigh.

  • Every once in a while, I eat Korean packaged ramen – the spicy broth is killer, especially with an egg and cold rice to finish it off. 🙂

  • I would buy some wanted kitchen gadget or put towards my new kitchen counters I want to buy!

  • Bacon fat. Although to tell you the truth I’m not very guilty about it, I just don’t always show guests to our house the ridiculous collection of bacon fat that we have in the fridge. You see, my husband and I purchased half a mature sow from a local farmer a few months ago and made 5 or 6 types of bacon from the belly and jowls. This bacon renders off WAY more fat when you cook it than any store-bought stuff. So we have several big jars that we fill with the fat, and we cook with it almost every day. It’s really good.

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  • I love, love love feta cheese.

  • I’m a total condiment girl too, especially the combination of salsa and mustard. It’s not the most appetizing to look at but I like it on EVERYTHING from salads to sammies and even soup. I totally grossed my mother-in-law out the first few times but I think she’s used to it by now or at least she acts like she is!

  • I know that neither have any redeeming qualities and are probably killing me but once or twice a month I treat myself to a king size Snickers with almonds and a 20 oz. Mountain Dew.

  • Melted cheese…I could just melt it and eat a big glob without anything to put it under it. Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella…doesn’t matter as long as it’s real cheese. Then there is ranch dressing. An ex would put it on everything and it has rubbed off a bit especially when it comes to pizza.

  • My guilty pleasure is a bowl of berries (usually strawberries or raspberries in season!) sprinkled with sugar and doused in half and half! I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm in Nebraska. In the summer I would wake up every morning to a bowl of fresh berries my grandmother had picked, and she would cover them in sugar and half and half for me. To this day it brings back great memories for me.

  • jalapeno cheetos …… i eat mostly local, organic, made-from-scratch, minimally processed, blah blah blah stuff …. but then I can’t say no to these cheetos! I only have them once or twice a yer though. 🙂

  • Backpacking in Europe as poor college students we bought black bread and stonegroud mustard and halluncinated on ham. To this day a great stoneground mustard is enough to bring tears to my eyes. I smear it on everything – meats, breads, vegetables and have been known to lick the jar, okay even the lid.

  • Like you, I’m a condiment girl (Heinz only, please), but my guiltiest pleasure is salt. Kosher salt will do, but sea salt is best. Spanish sea salt, French sea salt, Hawaiian sea salt. Mmmm. Sprinkled generously over soup or fried eggs or toasted bread with olive oil. Best if served from a small salt bowl on the table rather than from a shaker. My preschool-age son knows how to sprinkle salt high above the dish he’s trying to season to best distribute the salt crystals. It’s possible he’s never seen or tasted iodized salt.

  • Lay’s potato chips. Plain. Not baked, fried. I am trying to eat healthier snacks (popchips, baked, or 50% salt chips) but I still give Lays chips a loving lingering look when I am in the snacks aisle. I even tried Chip of the Month club and none lived up to Lays. (I have never told anyone that before, as the chip of the month club looks down on Lays). Darn, now I am craving them so might have to hit up the vending machine…

  • my guilty pleasure is frozen yogurt. there is a place right down the street from my house and i go in there about 5 times per week!

  • I love mayo…even my fries are generously dipped in mayo 😉

  • Butter. The fake kind. That makes it OK.

    When nobody is watching I will take Triscuits or Wheat Thins and just dip them in the tub of “GeeIcan’tbelieveitsnotbutter” like chips into dip. Don’t tell anyone, OK?

  • Oyster sauce. I love oyster sauce, but only the Lee Kum Kee brand that has the two little kids on a boat on the bottle.

    A close second would be butter. 😀

  • I am the ultimate condiment whore and I don’t care who knows. My refrigerator side doors and pantry sag under the weight of bottles and cans of condiments. I have 6 kinds of salt, 8 kinds of mustard, let’s not even talk about the sauces… some I have to order online from other countries…Yes..I have a problem and no I do not want to be cured.

  • wow I just love those giveaways! 🙂 you are such a darling babe! 🙂

  • i love cheese! cheddar cheese to be exact. i like it with beans, pasta, chicken, beef, subs..i can never buy enough especially since i only eat raw milk cheese due to my daughters eczema and my breastfeeding!!

  • Hi Carolyn! Long time no visit – I miss your blog so much!

    Does Fran’s dark chocolate sauce count as a condiment? I got a jar as a gift a long time ago and knowing it was expensive, used it sparingly (not to mention the calories!), mainly on sundaes. But now I find that it goes great with everything! PB sandwiches, as a fondue, frozen bananas, sometimes even drizzled on my boring all-bran cereal to make it tastier. I get nervous when I see my supply running low . . .

  • my terribly guilty habit is truffle salt and/or truffle oil . . . I will pile it on pasta, bread, scrambled eggs . . . just about anything to be able to smell and consume the earthy, heavenly delights. my enjoyment is so well known by my friends that they gift me truffle oil and salts with all the teasing I can take! no matter, when I need a comfort fix, I put a pot of water on the stove and pull out the pasta and small bottles of truffle oil and sit myself into my comfy sofa with a loving bowl of truffled pasta and am a very happy girl!

  • Sriacha….seriously, it’s my Asian Ketchup that I put on EVERYTHING!

  • I hate to hear myself say this but my guilty habit is potato chips! I know nuts or fruits are good for snacking but they are not potato chips.

  • Sinful chocolate on anything is my guilty pleasure..thanks for this great giveaway…

  • my terribly guilty habit is Trader Joe’s hummus. It’s delicious on everything. I put it on burritos, Chinese vegetables, baked poatoes, everything! Try it!

  • salt. if salt were an illegal foodstuff, you’d better believe i’d be making my own in the barn out back. do you think the feds would be suspicious of my numerous trips to the coast wherein i bring back jugs and jugs of seawater? 🙂

  • My kids, since they were very little, have eaten mustard sandwiches. Only when they got into things themselves, though. I swear I never made them one with just mustard.

    I don’t have just one guilty pleasure. I’m have a plethora of guilty pleasures! Homemade hot fudge sauce? You bet! Melted chocolate in any form? Yes Ma’am! A cupboard full of different salts? Okie dokie! Fajita seasoning on roasts rolled into flour tortillas? I’ll go along with that! Deep fried tacos? Now you’re talkin’!

  • Gummy Bears are like my version of crack. Not just any old crack will do…it has to be Haribo gummy bears AND they have to be from Europe. There is a HUGE difference between US tasteless Haribo gummies and sweet and fruity European versions. I recently came back from Amsterdam with over 10 lbs of gummies smuggled in my suitcase. We know it was 10 lbs because our luggage was over the weight limit and we had to remove them and carry them on or pay some ridiculous fee. It was slightly embarassing removing bag after bag of gummies from our suitcase in front of an audience, but TOTALLY worth it.

  • Every night I eat a GIANT bowl of hot-air popped popcorn, dousing it ever few minutes with butter-flavored Pam cooking spray and nacho cheese seasoning. I’m sure the spray and the seasoning are full of artificial crap that’s going to kill me, and the floor (and me) ends up covered in popcorn crumbs, and my fingers get orange…but I don’t care because it makes me happy!

  • Pasta I love pasta in any form.

  • Bottlecaps….I am seriously addicted to Bottlecaps, the candy. You can’t seem to find them except as part of a multipack bag during Halloween or {{gasp}} Valentine’s day. So I secretly lay in a supply of multi-bags and carefully extract every tiny packet of Bottlecaps, hiding them in my desk drawer so the children can’t find them. All that’s left are Nerds and Laffy Taffy…every single packet of Bottlecaps is MINE…ALL MINE.

  • My guilty pleasure is butter!!! Like that Beggin Bits commercial with the dog screamin out bacon, bacon, bacon…I scream out butter, butter, butter! Popcorn, pancakes and toast slathered with butter, scampi shrimp, butter sauces, sweet or savory dishes always gotta have butter…gosh I could go on forever!!! Ugh…maybe I should have said garlic!! You can’t beat that…and it goes great with everything!!! Jeez, I can’t make a decision…I’m weak….for butter, butter, butter! No…garlic, garlic, garlic!!!

  • My favorite would be Shrimp Sauce… love love love it!
    My friends tease me and call me ‘condiment queen’, because I always seem to have to have something extra on my food 🙂

  • Ice cream of any sort, but especially Grape Nut ice cream. I like it so much that I learned to make my own (and I add like DOUBLE the Grape Nuts!) I can’t help but get two servings every time I eat it (late at night). I feel so guilty getting the second serving that I have to tip toe past my husband (who is watching TV) and hope that he doesn’t hear me in the kitchen opening the freezer. 😛

  • Contest is now closed. Come back Monday to see who won, and for the start of a brand new contest.

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