A Most Eggs-Cellent Farm

Deep orange yolks exemplify how special the eggs from Coastide Ranch are.

When you’re the son of rock legend Neil Young, it might be expected if you rested comfortably on your father’s laurels.

When you’re his son and born with cerebral palsy, which has left you wheelchair-bound and able to communicate only with a computer device, it would be understandable if you were at all reclusive.

But that’s not Ben Young, 33, the middle child of the famed singer-songwriter.

Ben Young, who has cerebral palsy, is the son of the legendary Neil Young.

Thirteen years ago, Young started an egg farm called Coastside Farms on three acres of his family’s La Honda property. In 2002, it was certified organic. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit him there.

Today, he raises about 250 Red Sex-Links, similar to Rhode Island Reds, which have the run of the place under the close watch of a herd of adorable alpacas who guard them against predators.

A ranch mascot.

He sells the eggs, with their glorious deep orange yolks, to Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto and Cafe Gibraltar in El Granada, where he makes deliveries each week with the help of his assistant.

The chickens getting a bite to eat.

Chickens with a view.

Alpacas guard the chickens from predators.

He loves nothing better than getting out and about to meet the fans of his eggs. They’re sold at Alena Jean nursery in Half Moon Bay for $8 a dozen. Additionally, from May through November, you can find Young selling the eggs for $7 a dozen at the Saturday morning farmers’ market at Shoreline Station in Half Moon Bay. But don’t dilly-dally, as they sell out fast there.

To learn more about Ben Young’s egg farm and his remarkable business, read my story in this week’s San Francisco Chronicle Food & Wine section.

The eggs are brown, sometimes speckled, sometimes not.

Ben Young's organic business.

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  • What a lovely farm! I bet those eggs are fabulous.



  • What an interesting article, and so great to see someone pursuing his dream and not letting anything from birth hold him back. I love to see egg yolks so rich in color.

  • An amazing, inspiring story and great pics. Too bad his eggs aren’t available in Marin.

  • Someone who knew I was a foodie asked me my favorite food yesterday and I heard myself say, “eggs!” People ask that a lot and my answer tends to change, but eggs is a pretty good answer, I think.

    It’s not just that they’re versatile (rice and potatoes are versatile, too). They’re versatile -and- magic!

  • What a great & excellent farm! Organic too! the eggs look outstanding & so tasty too! 🙂 What a great review!

    I just gave YOU an AWARD, my friend! 🙂 Yes, yes again, I know!
    Come over @ my latest post & check it ot why!

  • Louise Kinoshita

    That was a great article on Ben Young’s Coastside Farm. Wonderful photo’s, too!

  • What an inspiring young man. With such a dreadful disability he is managing to achieve a lot more than what most able-bodied people can do. And don’t the chickens look so much happier than the ones in cages!

  • WOW I never knew this, I buy them at the Half Moon Bay farmers market…This is wonderful to know, I knew Neil Young lived in La Honda and have seen him around quite often but, I never knew his son was Ben. Thank you thank you

  • Oh wow that is AWESOME! I love reading about farm-to-table products and experiences 🙂

  • Very inspiring story. The chickens and alpacas look so contended, happy and healthy.

  • I never knew that about Neil Young’s son. That is sad but a great inspiration for all of us. That’s why I love reading your blog! You always raise awareness of things that I wouldn’t have otherwise learn about. On a lighter note, love the pun. tee-hee.. It is egg-xactly what I need in the morning!

  • Ben Young’s story is inspiring!

    The farm and the eggs sound wonderful!

  • I love eggs in any way, shape, or form! And there is nothing finer than right-off-the-farm fresh!

  • Great story! I did not know about this farm. When I’m in HMB and see his eggs, I’d love to try the eggs. Must be very special!

  • I love this story! It is inspiring on so many levels. And I can’t get enough of the pics! The one with the llamas is awesome!

  • A beautiful post, Carolyn. I’d not heard his story before this.
    There is nothing more lovely than a bright yolk of a fresh egg!

  • yes those alpacas are so whimsical, are they friendly? I love Alena Jeans, now you have me planning a trip to HMB to get some eggs

  • What a great business Ben Young has achieved, it would be so beautiful out there on the farm watching all those chickens roam freely on the land and in the sun.Totally organic. And what wonderful parents he has too! Totally inspirational!

  • -warming !!!

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