New PopChips Tortilla Chips and A Food Gal Giveaway

New Ranch tortilla chips from PopChips.

If you’re like me, you find it dangerous to have a bag of PopChips anywhere in your house.

That’s because the air-popped potato and sweet potato chips are so crunch-a-licious. Plus, you can convince yourself that they’re actually kind of, sort of healthful because they’re all natural and have half the fat and fewer calories than regular chips. It’s enough to make you inhale the bag, which I admit I have done on occasion.

Well, your will power is about to be tested again because PopChips has introduced its newest product: tortilla chips.

Yes, made the same way with little oil in a proprietary popping process.

The triangular-shaped tortilla chips are made with stone ground masa. They come in four flavors: Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Salsa, and Chili Limon.

The texture is crisp but a little lighter and airier than a regular tortilla chip. They’re also a bit thinner than regular PopChips. The Nacho Cheese is plenty cheesy and the Ranch has the creamy-onion-garlic taste of the dressing. My favorites were the Salsa and Chili Limon because both have a little heat but still allow the corn flavor to shine through more so than the other two flavors.

They are available in four varieties.

A 1-ounce bag has 120 calories, no saturated fat and 135-190mg of sodium, depending on the variety.

Find them at Safeway, BevMo, Target, Costco and Jamba Juice. They’re also available on at $20.50 for 24 (1-ounce) bags.

Contest: One lucky Food Gal reader will win 12 coupons for 12 free (3-ounce or 3.5-ounce) bags of PopChips or PopChips Tortilla Chips. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST Oct. 20. Winner will be announced Oct. 23.

How to win?

Just tell me a place or setting you’d most want to “pop” into — and why. It can be somewhere past, present or future.

Here’s my own answer:

“My wedding banquet — yes, all over again. When married friends warned me beforehand that the entire day would be a blur, they weren’t kidding. It was like I woke up and the next thing I knew I was back at the hotel after the banquet meal had ended. I vaguely remember a taste here and there of our feast at Yank Sing in San Francisco. But what I wouldn’t give to be able to go back to enjoy dish after dish again, surrounded by the most important people in my life.”

Nacho Cheese PopChips tortilla chips.

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  • I would pop back to college and take it more seriously! These chips look so good!!

  • I would love to just pop into the Greek islands…ideally for a week or two. But if only for my lunch break i’ll take that too! What a day that would be. Or pop me over to Italy for some salumi and a big glass of wine on the alfami coast. We must create a “pop” machine, similar to a time machine 🙂

  • The place I most wanted to “pop” into would be Maldives, where my hubby and I spent a week on our honeymoon. In Maldives, we only see the most beautiful white sand beaches, feel the breeze blow into our hair, indulge in gourmet dining, basically, do absolutely nothing all day long except enjoying life and each other’s company. Oh well, we hardly even get a date night after we have kids. LOL…We definitely need some time off or a vacation soon. Especially with our wedding anniversary coming up this week. 😉

  • For me, the place I most want to “Pop” into would be the future. Oh, say…5 years from now. I want to see where I am. Will I be doing something exciting and will I still be driven to being healthy? What high tech gadgets will be there? Will I be single or married. Kids? What would the world be like. I’d like to see my parents, my brother, my nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles, my grandmas. Hopefully they’re all doing well. Then come back and enjoy the ride! Yea, that’s where I’d “pop” to! 🙂

  • I love pop chips! These look good but I haven’t seen them at the stores yet? I’ll definitely keep my eyes open. …Hmmm, maybe I have baseball on my mind right now, but if I could pop in anywhere, it would be in the locker room of the Giants when they won the world series in 2010. That was such a magical year and the players all seemed like fun guys. And I always wondered what it would be like to be drenched in champagne. Hehe.

  • Ohhhh I have yet to see these in stores! I know they have been in stores now for sometime… but nowhere in Boston!? 🙁 I’m obsessed with the salt and pepper and salt and vinegar Pop Chips 😀

    I love the moment you want to ‘Pop’ back into! My sister is getting married next September and I am sure it will be a whirlwind we will all want to experience again!

    I want to ‘Pop’ into tonight! I have a really fun date night planned with someone new I have been seeing. It includes wine, chess, and meandering around Boston to find a really delicious dinner!

    cheers! 😀

  • I LOVE Pop Chips!! I would pop back about a year and spend so much more time with my Nana, who passed away this summer. She was such an incredible woman and I moved far away and didn’t get to see her much and didn’t get to go to her funeral.

  • I would go back to just before my dad died-he passed away one week after we visited him and my mom for Christmas

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