A Taste of Bently Ranch Beef

Bently Ranch New York steak right off the grill.

Bently Ranch New York steak right off the grill.


Bently Ranch of Minden, NV aims to do things the right way.

It started out in 1997, raising cattle for the commodity market. But two years ago, family member and San Francisco local Christopher Bently started raising the cows on pasture to create premium grass-fed, dry-aged beef.

Today, the farm also produces hay for other regional farms, and takes in for no charge everything from yard debris to leaves and grass from its neighbors that goes into creating compost for the ranch.

As noble as those efforts are, the real test, of course, is in the taste of the beef.

Now, it’s a lot easier to try it for yourself, as Bently Ranch just launched a new online store last month.

I had a chance to try samples of two different cuts. The New York Steak is a toothsome, leaner cut with a natural sweetness as opposed to any real noticeable minerality. The ribeye, with its greater fat content, is more tender and juicier. It has a smooth, mild beefiness with a long finish.

Juicy Bently Ranch ribeye.

Juicy Bently Ranch ribeye.

The New York steaks come two to a 1-pound package for $20. The ribeyes also come two to a 1.25-pound package for $25. Both prices include overnight shipping to California, Nevada, Oregon or Washington; or two-day shipping to New Mexico and Arizona.

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