Bee Free Honee — It’s Like Honey, But It’s Not

A honey-like product that tastes of apples.

A honey-like product that tastes of apples.


With its golden, amber hue, it looks a lot like honey.

But from the moment you unscrew the cap on the jar, you get the unmistakable whiff of sweet apples.

Bee Free Honee is a honey substitute made from organic apple juice, cane sugar and lemon juice — all cooked down until sticky and viscous.

The company was founded by Minneapolis-based Katie Sanchez, who grew up on an apple orchard with a father who was a beekeeper. One day, while trying to make a less sweet apple jelly, she accidentally created this syrupy concoction instead.

It’s vegan, and safe for anyone who has a honey allergy. Use it just like you would honey.

With bee populations decimated over the past decade, it’s also a way to enjoy a honey-like product while stressing bees less. Moreover, for every jar sold, Bee Free Honee donates 10 cents to pollinator-friendly groups.

I had a chance to try samples recently. Bee Free Honee comes in four flavors: Original, Ancho Chile, Mint, and Slippery Elm.

The Original tastes intensely of apple cider. It has the most pure, apple-forward flavor of the bunch. It would be wonderful drizzled on pancakes or ice cream; or mixed into soft butter to slather on biscuits; or stirred into hot tea; or used to glaze ham or pork chops.

The Ancho Chile is the color of cola, the darkest in color of the four. It’s smoky tasting with a gentle heat that hits you on the finish. It would be ideal stirred into a barbecue sauce or drizzled on chicken wings.

The Mint tastes of spearmint, and would be nice in cocktails or a vinaigrette.

The Slippery Elm smells and looks a little like molasses. It cries out to be baked into or frosted on a spice cake or accompanying charcuterie and cheese.

The 12-ounce jars are $9 each and available on the Bee Free Honee site.

Winner of Last Week’s Contest

In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me about a good deed that you do that should anoint you an angel (with a halo). The winner will receive a cute spring canister with recipe cards, fun decorations, and coupons for free Halos mandarins, courtesy of Wonderful Halos.

Fun with Halos.

Fun with Halos.

Congrats to:

Grace, who wrote, “There are two fellas at my workplace who have been super duper helpful to me since I announced my pregnancy — they’re always willing to carry even the lightest of boxes and never fail to have a kind word for me! Since they’re my angels, the least I can do is try to be their angel, so I bake them bread or cookies or muffins every week.”

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