Route 11 Potato Chips — Addicting!

Lightly Salted Route 11 Potato Chips.

Lightly Salted Route 11 Potato Chips.


When one of my former magazine editors told me I had to try Route 11 Potato Chips, my ears and appetite perked up.

And when he told me that none other than celebrated Chef Jose Andres was a big fan (he even calls for them specifically in his recipe for a Spanish tortilla), well, how could I not order some?

Now, I don’t normally buy or even keep potato chips in my house. Yes, they are too much temptation to have on hand. So the thought of actually mail-ordering potato chips from Mount Jackson, VA was rather mind-boggling.

But I took the plunge with these, ordering a 1.5-tin of the Lightly Salted variety of chips — and yes, paying for it myself at $23.

When they arrived, I opened the tin, and pulled out a chip to try. Then, I immediately emailed my editor, haranguing him — because I couldn’t stop eating them.

Yes, they are that good.

Potato chip heaven.

Potato chip heaven.

Edward Cohen started the chip factory in 1992, growing it by word of mouth. Now, it’s won accolades nationwide. The factory even offers tours to the public, where you can watch the chips kettle-cooked.

What makes these thin, delicate, super crisp chips so incredible? The fact that the potato flavor really comes through so strongly. Indeed, the only ingredients in the Lightly Salted variety are potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. You know the flavor you get from a great, thick fried potato plank at a fine restaurant? That’s what these chips possess.

Route 11 also makes chips in other flavors such as Dill Pickle, Sour Cream & Chive, and Salt N Vinegar. But you can’t go wrong with the simple Lightly Salted.

Just don’t blame me if you can’t eat just one.

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  • Ouch. Does that include free shipping? 😉

  • Tami: Not quite. You still have to pay for shipping, unfortunately.

  • I live in Virginia, they even sell these at my college, and supermarkets here. Although it could just be due to the fact that I live in the capital city of Virginia (Richmond). Anyway I actually took a few bags with me to California when I went for a visit once… I love Route 11.

  • Oh furthermore my favorite flavors are their Chesapeake Crab which has the aforementioned potato flavor mixed with seafood seasoning (a big thing down here), and their Mama Zumas Revenge which has a Habenero Barbecue flavor and is best eaten with a glass of milk close by as it is very spicy.

    I really want to visit their Mt Jackson factory/Headquarters someday as they have tours and a shop. I think I remember reading somewhere that they move only 600 pounds of potatoes per hour as opposed to Frito-Lays 600,000.

  • Michael: You are SO lucky to have these potato chips so easily accessible. It’s definitely a commitment to mail-order them, what with the shipping cost. But they are so addictive, you can forgive the price. 😉

  • The Dill Pickle chips are my favorite. I live in nearby Winchester so I’ve been eating them them since early in Route 11’s history. I just love them!

  • Sharon: I’m envious that you can get the potato chips so easily. I only wish shipping to California weren’t so expensive or else I’d be ordering these all the time. But then again, my waistline is probably grateful the chips aren’t so accessible. LOL

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