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Swirled Sesame Tea Cake Made With A New Artisan Tahini

The taste of sesame galore in this tea cake made with a new artisan tahini.

The taste of sesame galore in this tea cake made with a new artisan tahini.



Just as all peanut butters aren’t created equally, neither are all sesame seed pastes.

Otherwise known as tahini, the vital ingredient in hummus, now’s there’s one that not only makes you sit up and take notice with its robust flavor, but also its mission to cross cultural divides.

New York-based Goni Light and husband Yonatan Sela created SoCo Tahini a year ago. The two are no stranger to business endeavors — or to tahini. They both grew up in Israel. Sela received an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and worked for a venture capital firm before becoming chief business officer of YouNow, a live broadcasting-based social network. Light earned a master’s of science at New York University before working for years as a finance manager at Proctor & Gamble.

SoCo Tahini.

SoCo Tahini.

When they came to the United States, Light and Sela were dismayed that they couldn’t find any decent tahini. So, they sourced their own, first selling it at a stand at Burning Man, before establishing a bona fide company last year, Seeds of Collaboration or SoCo for short.

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Crepe Cake Perfection at Anton SV Patisserie

Anton SV Patisserie's tiramisu crepe cake.

Anton SV Patisserie’s tiramisu crepe cake.


It is a different kind of Silicon Valley engineering feat.

Slathering delicate crepes with a luscious cream filling, then placing them perfectly level, perfectly straight, one on top of the other until the stack rises a majestic 20 layers or higher in complete precision.

Anthony Tam not only possesses the skills to do this, but the business acumen to have turned this into a delectable phenomenon.

The former supply chain manager at a Fremont tech firm started his Anton SV Patisserie just over two years ago out of a Milpitas commercial kitchen.

Anthony Tam traded tech for cakes.

Anthony Tam traded tech for cakes.

Now, his handmade $88 crepe cakes have become a sensation, gracing special events at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies. He now even offers delivery of whole cakes to select Bay Area cities. The crepe cakes also can be enjoyed for about $10 a slice at six cafes in the South Bay and San Francisco.

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Final Days of La Cocina Auction, Mini Shops in San Jose, and A New Farmers Market

Nite Yun's offerings. (photo courtesy of IfOnly)

Nyum Bai’s soulful offerings. (photo courtesy of IfOnly)

La Cocina Online Auction

San Francisco’s inspiring food entrepreneur incubator, La Cocina is holding an online auction now through May 28. Proceeds will benefit the organization’s entrepreneurs, who are largely immigrant women working to launch self-sustaining food businesses.

Among the incredible items up for bid are:

For a look at all the items up for bid, click here.

The New Moment at San Pedro Squared

Now, you can not only park your car at San Jose’s downtown Market-San Pedro garage, but do a little shopping, too.

Four new mini stores. (Photo by Rick Jensen)

Four new mini stores. (Photo by Rick Jensen)

Twelve parking spaces on the San Pedro side have been converted into four micro stores to help give greater visibility to new, small business owners.

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A Different Kind of Energy Snack

Sesame seeds, maple syrup and seaweed make up this energy snack.

Sesame seeds, maple syrup and seaweed make up this energy snack.


So many energy bars these days are glorified candy bars.

As much as I love chocolate and sweets, I do try to look for actual nutrition in the bars that I always stash in my purse or carry-on for when I need a boost of peppiness.

That’s why I was glad to have discovered Maple Chewnami Nibbles on the shelves of the adorable Elk Store in the teeny town of Elk, during a stopover on the coast.

Yes, these snack bars have a crazy name. And even crazier ingredients: kelp and sesame seeds — all held together with maple syrup and brown rice syrup. That’s all there is to them. They are gluten-free, too.

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McEvoy Ranch’s New Lemon and Jalapeno Olive Oils

McEvoy Ranch's 2018 Jalapeno and Lemon olive oils.

McEvoy Ranch’s 2018 Jalapeno and Lemon olive oils.


If you’re already a fan of McEvoy Ranch’s olive oils like I am, you’re going to fall head over heels for its flavored olive oils.

The award-winning Marin County producer of certified organic olive oils just released its 2018 Lemon and Jalapeno olive oils. While some mass-produced flavored olive oils get extracts added to them after pressing, McEvoy’s actually crushes lemons and jalapenos together with its estate-grown olives.

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