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Coffee with A Molecular Twist at Lavazza

Ferran Adria's memorable Espesso Macchiato at Lavazza in Santana Row.

After braving the long, chaotic lines at all those Black Friday mega sales, you’ll surely be in need of a pick-me-up.

Why not make it one with a little molecular gastronomy thrown in to boot?

At the newest coffee cafe in San Jose’s Santana Row, Lavazza Espression, you can indulge in exactly that.

The artsy Vespa-red Italian cafe is the first of its kind on the West Coast by the famed Italian coffee roaster. More locales are expected in the near future around the Bay Area.

Lavazza's slogan.

Last week, I had a chance to sample the goods as a guest at the grand opening party. Scoops of vanilla gelato, samples of focaccia sandwiches, and arugula salads stuffed into crisp, lacy Parmesan cups made the rounds.

The San Jose cafe, which features artwork by top fashion photographers.

A striking wall decoration.

The tiramisu and chocolate tortes tasted fresh and classic. They’re flown in daily from Italy.

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Celebratory Matt Cain Cocktail, Taste of Italian Coffee at Santana Row & More

A cocktail to honor Giants pitcher Matt Cain. (Photo courtesy of Chef Hiro Sone)

Giants Fever at the St. Regis in San Francisco

Look for the bell hops and front desk staff at the St. Regis to sport black and orange baseball caps in honor of the San Francisco Giants incredible World Series sweep.

But that’s just the start. Step inside to toast the team’s victory with “The Perfect Cain” ($14), an ode to Giants pitcher Matt Cain.

The cocktail, available at the bar or at restaurant Ame, is a frothy blend of Breaking and Entering Bourbon, Campari, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, orange water flower and egg white.

First Lavazza Cafe On the West Coast to Open in Santana Row

Italy’s famed coffee roaster Lavazza will open its first West Coast cafe on Oct. 30 in San Jose’s Santana Row.

The Bay Area already may be saturated with coffee outlets, but Lavazza hopes to distinguish itself with its quality, innovation, and integration with high fashion, sleek design and contemporary cuisine, including its collaboration with revolutionary Chef Ferran Adria.

Ferran Adria's liquid-to-solid coffee concoction. (Photo courtesy of Lavazza)

The 35-seat cafe, which will feature stunning artwork, will serve coffee in every preparation imaginable, including the signature Èspesso, Adrià’s ingenious liquid-to-solid coffee creation served playfully with a spoon that sports a hole in it.

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