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The Playful Autumn Tasting Menu At Be.Steak.A

The "Snack Yard'' first course on the fall tasting menu at Be.Steak.A.
The “Snack Yard” first course on the fall tasting menu at Be.Steak.A.

Chef Patrick Capurro wants to take you on a journey, one that recalls the cozy flavors and brisk weather of autumn in Chicago as when he lived there.

At Be.Steak.A in the Pruneyard in Campbell, he does just that with his new fall tasting menu that’s full of pure whimsy and delight.

That’s what I found when I was invited in as a guest of the restaurant to try it on a bustling Tuesday night.

Be.Steak.A, owned by Chef Jeffrey Stout, offers both a la carte dining and a seasonal tasting menu that’s $185 per person with an optional $130 wine pairing (six different pours). You can book the tasting menu when you make a reservation online or opt to order it when you get there, though, you risk the chance of it selling out for the night.

The dining room.
The dining room.

Walk through the restaurant doors and you’re greeted immediately with a beverage.

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