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An Edible Holiday Wreath

It's kind of like two treats in one.

It’s kind of like two treats in one.


Is it a cookie? Is it a wreath?

It’s actually both.

This started out as as Martha Stewart’s “Classic Shortbread” recipe from her cookbook, “Martha Stewart’s Cookies” (Clarkson Potter, 2008), one of my favorite baking books.

The butter-filled dough is pressed into a fluted tart pan to create one massive cookie that gets scored with a knife into wedges. The directions have you pressing a round 2 1/4-inch cookie cutter into the center before baking to create a doughnut-like hole.

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Sugar Goes Glam and Elegant with Chambre de Sucre

An elephant sugar hugger. How cute is this?

The Japanese have a way of making everything more precious and special.

Even sugar for your cup of coffee or tea.

Forget the mere cubes or packets of granulated stuff. Think sugar as mini sculptures in shapes of hearts, pyramids, stars, flowers and angel wings — each individually tinted, too.

Chambre de Sucre of Cypress, Calif. is importing these sweet, tiny gourmet sugars that are handcrafted by a family-0wned business in Japan that’s more than 270 years old. They’ve been making these sugars for tea ceremonies for the royal family since the time of the Shogun.

Mini blue sugar stars from Chambre de Sucre.

Lisa Kunizaki, owner of Chambre de Sucre, grew up with these sugars, when she would visit her grandparents in Japan during the summers, where they would entertain with tea, homemade sweets and these sugar marvels.

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