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Rewarding Yourself in the New Year — The Fika Way

Isn't it time you took a little break?

Isn’t it time you took a little break?


Go, go, go!

That’s how our lives are these days.

But I’m here to say it’s time to stop, stop, stoppppppppp.

At least once in awhile.

The Swedish way.

As in fika.

It’s the art and practice of taking a break to enjoy a coffee with a little treat.

And in Sweden, it’s a custom adhered to at least once a day.

Doesn’t that seem positively wonderful and civilized?

A few minutes to unplug, to stop typing, to put down the phone, and to just take a breath and be present with your surroundings and companions.

It’s what we should all do more of in this new year. It’s what we all deserve, too.


“Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break” (Ten Speed Press) will put you in the mood to do just that.

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