The Mother of All Burgers

A burger so flavorful, you won't know what hit you.

Sure, there are fancier burgers. There are even more expensive burgers.

But Snake River Farms American Style Kobe Beef burger patties are pretty hard to beat.

And this is coming from a Food Gal who is not typically much of a Burger Gal, either.

The huge, 1/2-pound patties are made of American-style Kobe — Japanese Wagyu cows that have been crossed with American Black Angus ones. If you’ve ever experienced the over-the-top, fatty heaven known as Kobe beef, then you have an inkling of what these burgers are like.

If fat indeed equates flavor, these burgers are exploding with both. Take a deep breath and let me fill you in. Each of these patties alone has 750 calories — 610 of those from fat. Yowza! Indeed, each patty has more than 104 percent of a person’s daily recommended allotment of fat, and 126 percent of your daily value of saturated fat. Lordy, that’s a true case of too much information, if there ever was one.

It would be an understatement to say that you probably can’t eat these burgers too often — and still live to tell about it. But boy, what a treat at least once.

Snake River Farms sent me a two-patty sample to try. The burgers normally sell on its Web site for $55.12 for a box of 16 patties. They arrive frozen, and if you read the fine print on the box, you’ll learn that you’re supposed to cook them while still frozen.

Uh, we missed seeing that, and ended up defrosting them in the fridge, then grilling them. Even though flames did erupt every time my husband (aka Meat Boy) flipped them on the grill because of the fat dripping out, we don’t think the burgers suffered any because of that.

Indeed, these were some of the juiciest, moistest, and richest burgers we’ve ever eaten. They have a tremendous lush, buttery quality that really coats your entire mouth. Like a fine wine, these burgers have a finish that just linger on and on.

You really don’t need any condiments on this burger, because it’s so incredibly flavorful. And that’s saying something because I am a total condiment fanatic. As for Meat Boy, he gave the burger a big thumbs up.

One of these babies is definitely a meal unto itself. Just be sure to indulge when you don’t have an appointment with a cardiologist anytime soon.

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