Garden Creamery Sorbets Taste Fresh-Picked

Sorbet flavored not only with raspberries, but red peppers.

I love a good, fruity, virtuous sorbet. But truth be told, it’s usually not quite as swoon-satisfying as a sinful scoop of bonafide full-fat ice cream, if you know what I mean.

That is until I tried samples of Garden Creamery sorbets.

These sorbets — made with agave nectar, as well as organic fruits, veggies and herbs, and no stabilizers or emulsifiers — are something else.

They taste high-end, as if a talented pastry chef at a four-star restaurant had spent the morning churning them, using the best ingredients in winning combinations.

Garden Creamery sorbets.The sorbets are the brainchild of Hawaii residents, Natalie Parker  and Erin Lang. They are made locally, though, in Novato.

The Strawberry Rosemary is smooth and complex, with a wonderful pine note that I couldn’t get enough of.

The brilliant-fuchsia Raspberry Red Pepper does indeed combine the unlikely duo of berries and red bell peppers, which in concert create a much more amplified berry flavor.

The Coconut one is like coconut cream on steroids — very intense and tropical.

And the 85 percent Dark Chocolate Honey is sure to win over even the most discriminating chocolate lovers. Deep dark hued, it’s reminiscent in taste of frozen hot chocolate. It’s creamy and full-bodied, with a slightly icy nature. At 170 calories per half cup, it’s about 100 calories or so less than your average premium chocolate ice cream, yet totally satisfies any bad-boy craving.

The other sorbets have about 40 to 90 calories per half cup, depending upon the variety. Find Garden Creamery sorbets for $6.99 a pint at Mill Valley Market in Mill Valley, RJ’s Market in San Francisco, and Green Earth Natural Foods in San Francisco. Starting Sept. 20, they also will be available at Andronico’s markets.

Dark chocolate sorbet. Oh my!

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