Wine Cocktails — Not an Oxymoron

Pretty in Pink -- my own take on a wine cocktail.

Are you so over chocolate martinis and Cosmos?

Then, take a sip of the newest in cocktail creations — ones made with wine.

Scan the bar menu of some of the hottest restaurants in the Bay Area, and you’ll find more and more cocktails incorporating white or red still wines such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay.

Far from old-school sangria or the wine coolers of your youth, these new wine cocktails are a mix of seasonal fruit, fresh herbs, and house-made bitters and syrups — all designed to complement the inherent flavors of various varietals.

Take a taste of them at Camino in Oakland, Flora in Oakland, Frances in San Francisco, Bar Tartine in San Francisco and Starbelly in San Francisco, among others.

Read all about how and why mixologists are mixing it up with wine in my story in today’s East Bay Express.

Then, sit back with a Pretty in Pink, my own wine cocktail creation made with crisp Sauvignon Blanc that turns a girly hue when given the shake-shake with sweet pluots.


Pretty in Pink

(serves 1)

1 pluot, rough chopped

2 mint leaves

Handful of ice cubes

1/2 cup of your favorite crisp Sauvignon Blanc

Place pluot pieces in the bottom of a martini shaker. Using a wooden spoon, muddle or slightly crush the fruit. Add mint leaves, ice cubes and wine. Place top on the shaker and shake. Strain drink into a stemless wine glass and garnish with a slice of pluot.

From Carolyn Jung

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