Caramels with A Goaty Tang

Soft, pillowy caramels made with goat milk and goat butter.

Gooey soft, sticky, sweet and with a unique chevre-like finish.

That’s the remarkable taste of Happy Goat Caramels, made in small batches by hand in San Francisco.

The candies are made with Grade A Kosher-certified goat’s milk and goat butter from small, free-range farms. For friends who are lactose-intolerant, these might be the perfect treats as goat’s milk is naturally sweeter but lower in lactose than cow’s milk. Goat’s milk also has more Vitamin A and Vitamin B than cow’s milk.

Happy Goat Caramels made in San Francisco.

I recently had a chance to try samples of the all-natural caramels ($6.99 for a package of 7; and $9.99 for a package of 14), which are available at Sur La Table and select Whole Foods stores.

The original “Vanilla Bean” has visible specks of vanilla throughout the toffee-colored candies. The sweetness hits you first with a deep caramelized sugar taste. As it sits in your mouth, the grassy, pasture-tang of the goat’s milk reveals itself, adding great complexity.

The new “Winter Spice” caramels are sweet yet with an almost savory edge from cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger and clove.

And the new “Chocolate & Sea Salt” candies fill your mouth with the taste of dark chocolate cheesecake.

Two caramels have a total of 96 calories.

Look for other new flavors to come, including “Honey” and “Coconut & Lime.”

Perfect for those who can't tolerate the lactose in cow's milk.

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