Bacon Time at Lafitte

Lafitte's bacon flight. (Photo courtesy of Sonya Yu)

Photo by Sonya Yu

Sure, you’ve indulged at restaurants in wine flights, beer flights, and even dessert flights.

But when’s the last time you’ve succumbed to a porky-licious bacon flight?

You can at Lafitte at Pier 5, just blocks from the Hilton in San Francisco’s Financial District.

As part of its new daily “Cocktail Hour” (which actually stretches for three and a half hours, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.), the edgy, waterfront restaurant named for a pirate is offering beers and specialty cocktails such as the “Bertha Tequila Sour” ($6) and “Masala Chai Tea” ($6). To nosh along with them,  enjoy a charcuterie  plate ($9) and an amazing bacon flight ($10).

The latter creation from Chef Russell Jackson is a plateful of four different bacons: Zoey’s apple smoked, Hobbs’ thick cut, Golden Gate Meat artisanal, and the Fatted Calf’s smoked version.

Pull up a stool and get ready for an oinking good time.

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  • I love the idea of 4 different bacons on a plate! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

  • Sounds like my kind of place!

    I need to keep a list of all the places you’ve covered in the city. So many great eats.

  • Who can resist bacon?? I bet this is the beginning of a popular trend…

  • don’t see how it’s any different from putting 4 different cheeses on a plate, a concpet which has been aroudn for many years and is still immensely popular. it actually even takes it a step further as proper execution is involved and can vary from place to place

  • Love the idea of a bacon flight. What a treat!

  • That’s just plain awesome!

  • My fingers got too happy about bacon….
    I’ll never be a SkinnyGal….
    I’m just a SkinnyGirl.

  • LOL, Chef Jackson sure knows his audience huh?! The plate sure is beautifully assembled, but with my high cholesterol, I doubt I’d be rushing out for this. For some reason I feel like it needs to be served with a side of eggs. Oh man, I slow poached egg would totally make this bacon dish.

  • Single Guy Ben: I hear ya on that. I second your oozy eggs idea with the bacon flight. And I raise you a couple of slices of grilled artisan bread to go along with the whole shebang. 😉

  • OK that’s it Carolyn! I’m booking my ticket to see you! 😛 I hope you have a very Merry Christmas full of food and fun. I’ve so enjoyed reading your site and may 2011 be another great one for you!

  • Please either remove your leading photo on this post or provide credit to the photographer Sonya Yu. By continuing to display this photo without proper credits you are in violation of US Copyright law.

  • Zack: There is already a photo credit for Sonya Yu. If you put your cursor over the photo, a caption will appear that gives her credit for the image. I was given permission to use the photo by Chef Russell Jackson of Lafitte. If you know of anything that disputes that, please let me know.

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