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Another Pinkberry comes to San Jose. (Photo courtesy of Pinkberry)

It’s time for some swirly goodness.

Pinkberry will open its second store in San Jose on March 3 at 1110 Blossom Hill Road in the Pueblo Plaza shopping center.

A grand-opening celebration is planned for 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. that evening. Stop by to enjoy free fro-yo, and a DJ appearance by Evan Taubenfeld, the singer, songwriter and lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne.

Enjoy your fix of six flavors at the Pueblo Plaza locale: Original, Pomegranate, Coconut, Chocolate, Mango, and a rotating feature flavor such as the recent Blood Orange.

To mark the opening of the new store, Food Gal is giving away two $20 Pinkberry gift cards. They can be used at the Pueblo Plaza location or at any other Pinkberry location.

Contest: Entries can be submitted through midnight PST March 5. Two winners will be announce March 7.

How to win?

Since Pinkberry is known for its motto of  “swirly goodness,” tell me something you’ve eaten that was concocted of seemingly disparate flavors or ingredients that when put together actually was enjoyable.

The two best answers win. Here’s my own answer to that question:

“When I was a newspaper reporter in Florida, there were many nights where I had to stay late at the office to finish writing up a late-breaking story. I remember getting home one night, starving because I hadn’t had any dinner, yet too pooped to stop anywhere at that hour for something to eat. I pulled a can of tuna out of the cupboard and the jar of mayo from the fridge, thinking I could make a tuna sandwich. Just one problem — no bread. But just then, I remembered I had some Eggo waffles in the freezer. I know what you’re thinking, as I thought it, too: tuna and waffles??? I toasted two of them, smeared the tuna salad on, pressed the waffles together and took a bite. It was actually pretty good. The waffles added a texture far more crunchy than bread would have, and the tuna salad sunk into every lovely crevice. As I ate the last bite of my unusual sandwich, I was just glad that I had stuck to the basic and hadn’t reached for the cinnamon or chocolate-chip Eggos on my last trip to the supermarket.”

Winner of  the last contest: In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me one of your favorite eats in Los Angeles. Three winners each will receive a pair of tickets to the 2011 Los Angeles Grand Tasting food and wine event on March 2 in downtown Los Angeles. The tickets are valued at $60 each.

Congrats to these three:

1) Juliana, who wrote, “One of our local restaurant that we enjoy is Eatalian in Gardena…in the middle of nowhere, but the pizza is awesome.”

2) Judy Moreland, who wrote, “One of my favorite ‘good eats’ in Los Angeles is the Chicken Pad See Ew at Sanamluang in Hollywood. Every time I have to cut through Hollywood to avoid rush hour freeway traffic on my way home from the Westside, I stop by and get some to go. It almost takes the sting out of having to take surface streets to get home. The noodles are flavorful without being greasy, the greens are braised perfectly, and the chicken is juicy and tender. The low prices are beyond great (but it’s cash only, so be advised) and the portions are so generous that I can fill up on it at dinner and still have some left over for lunch. I also recommend their Spicy Beef Salad (they’ll make it as hot as you can take it) and the General’s noodle soup which also big enough for more than one meal.”

3) Lok, who wrote, “I have 3 words for you: Jitlada, Jitlada, Jitlada! It’s not because of Jonathan Gold’s or Irene Virbila’s rave reviews or the lines out the door from 4 p.m. til close. It’s the scrumptious Southern Thai menu that you can’t find anywhere else. Spring rolls and Pad Thais are a dime a dozen (excuse me, a baht a dozen), but how many restaurants can boast of world class coco mango salads (tendrils of coconut cool your tongue), jungle curries, and crying tigers with juicy, smoky pork? Yes, the intense spices will cause your tear ducts to gush open like Niagara Falls, but you’ll quickly dab those tears away when you realize you have enough leftovers to last you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow.”

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  • When I was in high school, my friend and I ended up grabbing pizza for dinner. But what I also wanted, was California rolls. So we ate them, side by side, and for some reason, they were a great combination. I wouldn’t suggest topping the pizza with the rolls or anything, but it’s a good combination!!!

  • It was a happy outcome; I was outside in Beirut walking and saw a hole-in-the wall that sold juices; walked in and ordered a tall glass of fresh pomegranate juice; I was sipping on it, thinking how delicious it tasted (turned out the juice bar was famous) and when I got home, had to cook dinner, only had some tiny eggplants. ended up throwing the rest of my pomegranate juice in the pot with the eggplants (and other ingredients) and it turned out to be the best meal I had fixed to date!

  • Hi Carolyn, I enjoy your blog so much, I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award at Judy

  • Carolyn, thank you so much for the LA Grand Tasting…I sure look forward to it 🙂

  • when i was a kid we were pretty poor. my dad used to send me to school with mayonaise and dill pickle sandwiches. i actually still eat them.

  • Naomi Nakano Matsumoto

    CONTEST – tell me something you’ve eaten that was concocted of seemingly disparate flavors or ingredients that when put together actually was enjoyable.

    Soy sauce and mayo. The “secret recipe” in all Japanese American households. Great with steamed broccoli!

  • As a kid, I ate toasted peanut butter and bologna sandwiches, with a slice of American cheese.

    It was strange, but yet delicious. The warm toasted bread made the PB melty and delicious over the bologna.

  • ha! you want me to answer this question in ONE answer? me being the crazy eater that I am?
    well the latest creation (because I have to clean out the fridge) was the last remains of the artichoke hummus spread on bread, a slab of my leftover spicy meatloaf, slice of sharp cheddar and some sirachi sauce. friggin amazing. sorry if i scare off some of your readers. 🙂

  • I thought I should eat some veggies and I had read that peanut butter and pickles go very well together. And so I made myself a pb&p sandwich. it was so darn good!
    Also, Kimchi and cheese is such a good combo! A grilled cheese and kimchi sandwich with a cup of milk. mmmmm. and cheese and ramen!
    Oh my goodness, this list could go on and on and on…

  • I wish pinkberry will come to Australia 🙁

  • My mom used to make sweet ramen as a dessert for me. It was just your regular package of ramen, sans flavor packet and she would add either granulated or rock sugar. I guess she was used to Asian desserts.

  • You know I was dying to try Pinkberry when I was in LA! I was at the wrong terminal for it though! 🙁

  • Your story about tuna and waffles reminded me of a sandwich that I made years ago, and have fond memories of. My husband had made cinnamon bread in the bread maker, and that was the only bread we had around the house. I had a craving for egg salad, so I slapped that egg salad on cinnamon bread, and YUM, it was good! It’s been years since the bread maker’s been out of the cupboard, but right now, I long for that sandwich so much! Thanks for offering this giveaway! I’d like to try Pinkberry again, and am glad they’re finally opening up shops in the south bay!

  • Butterscotch and basil. The word combination rolls off the tongue, but the taste combo came as a blessed surprise. I got that late night sweets craving and rummage around to find ingredients for a butterscotch sauce. But butterscotch and ice cream. How pedestrian is that? I glance up and see the basil in the window. Hmmmm…hey what is a late night stack if not daring, and I threw it in…I love late night experimentation – mmmm…rhubarb banana rose, pandan and peanut butter….

  • Jack in the Box Tacos and a $50 bottle of Cab.
    And yes I married the man who brought it to me 🙂

  • I served in the Peace Corps in a tiny country called Paraguay. My running water, no electricity, no phones, no stores… and no refrigerator!! My food options were slim: dried goods like pasta and rice, canned food, a few veggies from a garden and a few chickens running around in my pen. After a month or so I had exhausted every possible combination of food one could imagine. So I had to imagine more. Here are two of my creations:
    After frying and sauteeing chicken every which way but loose I came on an idea: soak the chicken in a mixture of COCA COLA, honey, red pepper flakes and corn starch. I pan fried it as I basted and it came out black as night but deliciously sweet/spicy and crispy. I called it Black Sugar Chicken…
    I would go into the capitol once a month to get supplies (a five hour bus ride) and towards the end of the month, when my supplies would run out, it would always get a little dicey around my kitchen. Sometimes i would just eat a half dozen eggs but when even that got tiring I would dip into the darkness of canned mortadella. Mortadella as you probably know is a type of spiced sausage. Like bologna it was supposed to be all of the undesirable leftovers of the slaughterhouse. It was also supposed to be pork too but in Paraguay it was horse meat. I owned a horse in Paraguay so it was a bit unnerving but when the supplies run low and you’ve tried everything in the last 28 days, that crazy itch starts to grow on the brain for something new… Hence my second creation:
    Pan fried Mortadella with fresh pineapple, coconut and lemon. What I liked to call Riding the Tropical Horse. And what a dark, delirious ride it was. Pan-fried to extra crispy, the horse meat lost its gaminess to the smoky, blackened crust that was softened with the sweet fruits but not altogether forgotten with the tart citrus accent. Sounds nasty looking back on it but back then, when I was in the middle of the bush in my little hut, surrounding by wild animals, hungry after a day’s hard labor and desperate for new flavors, it really hit the spot! Sometimes I think my horse wouldn’t look me in the eye after one of these dark nights but that might have been the mortadella talking. Besides, I was serving my country. If I wanted luxury I would have stayed in the States!

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