Cookie-Candy in One

A Dark Chocolate Lovie that's both candy- and cookie-like.

It’s a cookie. It’s a truffle. No, it’s actually both in one sweet confection known as a Lovie.

Oregon’s Leah Dancer and her mother, Denise Padgett, started creating these cookie-candy-like treats two and half years ago.

Made by their Love Bucket Baking Company, they’re akin to petit fours, only instead of cake, imagine chocolate ganache wrapped in a tender shortbread-like cookie, then dipped in chocolate.

They look like truffles, but they hold a surprise inside.

I recently had a chance to try a sample of the Lovies. They’re rather sweet and have an interesting mix of textures from the crackle of the chocolate coating to the soft cookie to the thick, smooth ganache center.

My faves were the Mini Dark Chocolate Chip, which features a center of dark chocolate chip-studded butter cookie that’s sure to please any chocoholic; and the Lemon, a lemon-flavored white chocolate ganache center enrobed with a lemon butter cookie that’s covered in lemon white chocolate to create a quite citrusy bang.

A six-piece box is $9.

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