Piggy Pops

Chocolate, toffee and loads of bacon in a lollipop.

This little piggy…well, no doubt will head straight into your mouth.

Forget going to the market or home, not when this little guy is so irresistible.

Piggy Pops are fun pig-shaped bacon toffee lollipops made by none other than Chefs Duskie Eskes and John Stewart, who own Zazu Restaurant + Farm just west of Santa Rosa, Bovolo Restaurant in Healdsburg, and Black Pig Meat Company, a producer of premium meat, bacon and salami made from their heritage breeds.

Eskes and Stewart know their pork. After all, they were crowned victorious in this year’s Cochon555 heritage pork cook-off at Aspen Food & Wine.

The lollipop is made with plenty — and I mean, plenty — of sweet-salty bits of their black pig bacon, dry-cured with brown sugar before smoking. The bacon is enrobed in caramel toffee, which hardens to the consistency of rock sugar, before the back of the piggy is dipped into dark chocolate.

Recently, I had a chance to try a sample. The lollipops are quite decadent tasting, with a buttery rich salty-sweet flavor. Because the sticks aren’t stuck in too deeply, though, you’ll most likely need to use your fingers to hold onto it before you finish it.

Piggy Pops are $4 each and available here.

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