Full Circle Now Delivers to the Bay Area

A typical small box of produce box from the new Full Circle delivery service.

Once a week for the past couple of weeks, a box just like the one above has landed on my front porch bright and early in the morning.

Besides organic fruits and veggies, its contents have also included this:

Artisan strawberry jam by Inna Jam.

And this:

Organic firm tofu from Oakland's Hodo Soy Beanery.

And this:

Raw milk Italian farmstead cheese.

All thanks to Full Circle, an organic produce delivery service, which started in Carnation, WA, and just launched in the Bay Area.

I was invited to try out the service gratis for a test run. Full Circle now delivers as far north as San Rafael, east to Concord and south to San Jose.

You choose the size of box to be delivered each week, depending upon the size of your household. I chose the smallest option, the “Seed Box” ($20.95), which is perfect for one or two people and comes complete with enough produce for about 15 servings total.

Each week, I’d open the box to find everything from dinosaur kale, zucchini and avocados to nectarines, pluots and bi-color sweet corn — all grown locally by California farmers. In fact, included in the box is information on which farm grew what, as well as recipes that incorporate some of the produce items.

What’s particularly helpful is that you can customize your box. If there’s someone in your family who hates beets or broccoli, you can opt never to have that included in your delivery.

You also can check your online account a few days before each delivery to see what your next box will likely contain, making it easier to plan your meals or shop for additional accompaniments at your local grocery store.

What’s more, you can add gourmet grocery items to your box at an additional cost. Full Circle collaborates with a host of artisan producers, many of them organic, to sell everything from bread to Copper River sockeye salmon to fresh, pasture-raised chicken. That’s how I was able to get my hands on  Hodo Soy Beanery’s organic spicy yuba salad, and Valley Ford’s raw milk Italian cheese without having to dash to a store.

The box that lands on your doorstep each week.

With the wealth of produce in this region, I’m hoping Full Circle eventually adds a few more unusual produce items to its delivery boxes. For instance, instead of just regular orange carrots, why not a bunch of rainbow carrots? Or instead of Valencia oranges, why not some local, hard-to-come-by Blenheim apricots?

You can’t argue with the convenience, and the fact that it makes getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies so much easier.

Want to try the service for yourself? Full Circle is offering Food Gal readers $10 off your first box order. After signing up for the service, just use promo code: SOCIAL10

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