Classy Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Ring In the New Year

12NtM's Blanc, a sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage.

If you’re the designated driver on New Year’s Eve or just prefer to imbibe something that won’t leave you tipsy, you’ll enjoy two new non-alcoholic beverages.

First up, 12NtM sparkling beverages, created by New York Chef David Burke.

Not surprisingly with that pedigree, they are a most elegant alternative to wines. The fizzy beverages come in a white, Blanc, and a red, Rouge. The Blanc is made with citrus, ginger, cardamom, herbs, spices, fruit juices and a blend of three teas. The Rouge features pomegranate, black currant, bergamot, juniper berry, herbs, spices, fruit juices and three different teas.

I tried a sample of each and was an instant fan from the first sip. Get the notion of a sugary soda or a quite sweet fruit juice out of your head. These are surprisingly nuanced and delicate tasting. They’re not sugary in the least. Instead, you can actually taste the ginger and the floral notes of the teas in the Blanc. The Rouge is very earthy yet with the natural sweetness of currants and the tangy edge of pomegranates. It has layers of flavor like a red wine — yet without any buzz to it.

The Rouge and the Blanc.

The name, “12NtM,” references the fact that you can drink them anytime (noon to midnight). The gluten-free beverages have no added sugar. An 8-ounce serving has 60 calories.

A 750ml frosted bottle is $6.99; a 6.3-ounce bottle is $2.99. Find them at Lunardi’s, Draeger’s, Whole Foods and other stores.

Next up, R.W. Knudsen Strawberry Spritzer, of which I recently tried a sample, too.

Another no-added-sugar, sparkling beverage, this one is definitely on the sweeter side. A blend of white grape juice, strawberry, pineapple and lemon juice, it tastes like a strawberry Life Saver candy in liquid form.

R.W. Knudsen Strawberry Spritzer to celebrate with on New Year's Eve.

A 10.5 ounce can has 120 calories. A pack of four cans retails for about $5.69.

With its pretty in pink color, the Strawberry Spritzer would be a perfect treat for kids to usher in the New Year, while the 12NtM beverages, with their more sophisticated flavor profiles, would be ideal for the adults at the party.

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  • I will definitely stock up on the frosted bottles! I’m not a fan of the taste of wine, but I like its look, and I love how this has the sophisticated look of wine and fruity taste!

  • I can’t wait to try all three of these!

    Thanks for always finding interesting things, Carolyn!

  • I could use more of those 12NtM sparkling beverages. Such a great option for non-drinkers!

  • Ooooh, the blanc looks fantastic! Of course, I’ll be home during the New Year so I can definitely add a splash of Champagne to it! 😉

  • These look so good and will be perfect for my pregnant bestie on NYE. I was thinking of non-alcoholic drinks to make for her but if i can find one of the above products in store then that will be even better!

  • The blanc sounds really interesting…I will have to look into it =)

  • I should look for these! Not so much for personal consumption (although sometimes that would be a wise idea), but because so often people don’t drink, and it’d be nice to expand the list of what we offer. Good stuff – thanks. And Happy New Year!

  • Caroline! These are the perfect toast to the New year! Maaan! So jealous that even the non-alcoholic beverages cost so much less in the states!! haha.. Belated Merry Christmas to you an a Happy New Year!! 🙂

  • Wow its great!!! I am hoping this will help our young generation to celebrate alcohol free new year…….

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