Seafood for Father’s Day and a Food Gal Giveaway

A dish with which to spoil any father.

A dish with which to spoil any father.


My Dad loved nothing better than scrambled eggs in the morning enfolded with salty chunks of SPAM.

Yup, that was his breakfast of choice, if given his druthers.

If he were still alive this Father’s Day, I’d change that up. I’d present him with pillowy scrambled eggs, all right. But topped with briny caviar instead.

I’m sure he’d be startled, thinking I’d lost my mind or was mortgaging my house to do so.

Nope, on both accounts.

Instead, I’d tell him that Southern California-based Anderson Seafoods provided me with a sample to try. The roe is from American Lake Sturgeon. The teeny-tiny, ebony-charcoal-hued eggs have a nice pop when you bite into them. At $38 for a 1-ounce jar, it’s relatively affordable, too, as far as caviar goes, especially because it takes only a smidgeon to make anything more luxurious tasting.

The company offers an array of fresh and frozen seafood, all of which can be delivered to your door overnight.

A precious jar of roe.

A precious jar of roe.

CONTEST: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a chance to sample $300 worth of seafood of your choice, courtesy of Anderson Seafoods. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through 6 p.m. PST June 13. The winner will be announced June 14.

How to win?

You already read how I’d spoil my Dad this Father’s Day with seafood. Just tell me how you’d do the same for your own Dad. What seafood would you treat him to — and why? Best answer wins the seafood prize.

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  • Growing up in the midwest we never had a whole lot of seafood. My parents have since been experimenting a lot to try to find things they like (not too fishy etc). I would make him one of our favorite easy recipes that uses ingredients he won’t turn down- olive crusted salmon. Chop up a bunch of olives with some herbs, add some panko and olive oil and top the salmon before roasting. Super easy way and tasty way to get them to try new types of seafood that they could incorporate into their healthier diets!

  • My dad doesn’t do much elaborate cooking these days but I remember a dish from my younger days that I’d make for him…Chinese pork patty with crab. He’d take the legs off a crab, arrange the legs and body on a large shallow bowl, and pack the pork patty mixture around the legs and body, then steam the whole thing. It was so delicious with rice, spooning the mixture and the juices onto rice. Then we’d each have a shot of beer, because crab is a “hot” food and beer is a “cool” food…had to balance that, you know.

  • My father thinks that he hates seafood. He refuses to even try it … knowingly. So I’d treat him to seafood by sneaking it into one of his favorite dishes – spaghetti alla puttanesca with swordfish “meatballs”. After he enjoys it, I’d let him on on the secret. What better gift is there than opening up someone’s culinary horizons?

  • Hmmm, scrambled eggs and Spam sounds good right about now. 😉

  • My dad has passed, and memories of growing up in Chicago bring only memories of frozen breaded shrimp and fish sticks. Only fresh seafood I can remember ever having back then was when the Smelt were running. Dipped in a batter and fried whole, they were a treat.
    Things are different with my son. I’m in Texas now, fishing for my own when I can, and getting great fresh seafood around Austin all the time. My son is out is Carneros region of California. Going to spend Father’s Day with him, and I’m sure the day will involve oysters on the half shell and some Dungeness crab if I am lucky! All washed down with his home brewed beer or maybe a refreshing Pinot Grigio or Albaraino from his modest, but excellent cellar.

  • My Dad isn’t around anymore, but I just ordered some Caviar from Anderson Seafoods for my Husband, and will surprise him with Caviar on Scrambled eggs! Thanks!

  • How flexible is your definition of “Dad”? Growing up I always called my own father “Daddy”, and he spoiled me with plenty of seafood over the years. But it was my very beloved father-in-law who immediately became “Dad” to me. I cherish the memory of the time when I was at grad school in Boston, tenuously engaged to his wonderful son who was thousands of miles away out at Berkeley. My future “Dad” came through town for some business and invited me to meet him that evening for dinner at the Sheraton hotel in town. Knowing how much I loved lobster, he encouraged me to order anything on the menu. Lobster Savannah! Oh my goodness, was it ever delicious. In retrospect, I now realize that evening was probably a great financial stretch for him, but I’m sure he knew that the magical memory it created for me would be worth it. We even got up for a dance or two together between courses, and he reveled in the glances of envy/curiosity from other diners as he swept me around the floor. His daughter? Or…? Such intrigue! So, Dad…if you were still with us, and I had the chance I would totally surprise you with a fabulous spread for Father’s Day. All the lobster you could eat, and a waltz or two if you were willing. 45 years later your son and I are still going strong, and you’d be so proud of the fine young men those two little grandsons of yours turned out to be. We love you, Dad, and will miss you forever!

  • I would spoil my dad on Father’s day with pan-seared giant scallops and wok-fried ginger and scallion fresh crab and egg bits. My dad loves anything seafood, and especially how my mother prepared scallops and crab. Growing up, he would always praise her cooking when we had company, saying it was better than any Chinese restaurant. I have yet to aspire to my mother’s famed cooking. 🙂

  • Interesting that this giveaway goes until June 13 – that’s my father’s birthday! I would make him salmon steaks, because he loves salmon and loves steak! Lots of spices on the salmon, because he’s a spicy, passionate man.

  • We do seafood gumbo for father’s day. It’s always been my father’s favorite meal. We use lots of shrimp , oysters and fish in it. Plus we add lump crab meat to our bowl just before we serve it . yum yum can’t wait.

  • Hehe my dad has some rather strange eating habits too! He likes fried dace in tins. We used to always protest when he opened it up! 😛

  • When I was growing up, we’d spend our summers fishing in the rivers and lakes around Oregon and Washington. Our freezer was always filled with fish (and film canisters of salmon roe for fish bait). This year we’re lucky enough to have spot prawns caught by my FIL in the San Juan Islands. We’ll all be feasting on those together this year.

  • I grew up in my grandparents home and my grandpa is more my “dad” than my real father is. So if I won, I’d invite them both over, as well as the special ladies in the family (mom, grandma) and make a feast for us all to enjoy together. I’d definitely have to order some crab, scallops and some of that Cambridge House Balmoral Smoked Salmon — because we all love smoked salmon around here. Wow, now I’m craving seafood! 🙂

  • How I’d Spoil My Dad This Father’s Day: If my dad were still with us this year; I would, after all these years, tell him to take me fishing for black or striped bass. My dad loved to go fishing. And I loved eating his fresh catch all the time!

    I did not like the fishing part . . . getting up at the crack of dawn, driving for hours to the most secret of secret fishing spots, hooking bait onto the hook, being quiet for hours on end, and sitting so very still for what seemed an eternity . . .

    But this year, the thought of going fishing with him, watching him enjoy the time on the water, listening to how I should learn to catch, clean and steam a fresh caught bass . . .

    . . . then seeing his face light up with his wry smile when we ate his day’s catch in his kitchen, that would be a spoiler for him and me.

  • My Dad is passed away, but one of his favorite things to grill for special occasions was lobster. We still grill lobster and jumbo scallops on birthday’s and holidays.

  • Looks delicious, too bad I am in Canada 😛

  • The ‘Dad’ in my life would be my wonderful husband. He loves going fishing and used to do it almost daily…until we got married and had 3 children. I’d love to win this and serve up some trout on Father’s Day. Maybe he doesn’t have the time now to go out and catch his own but he still deserves to have his favorite meal!

  • My dad obtained his private pilot’s license nearly a decade ago, and one of our very favorite things to do together is fly to Half Moon Bay for lunch at Sam’s Chowder House. He always orders the lobster roll, which is piled high with gargantuan pieces of lobster that are lightly dressed in butter and herbs. For Father’s Day, I’d love to replicate this recipe for him at home!

  • When I was young it was a tradition to have an old fashion clam bake for Father’s Day, we would all gather at my Pop-pop’s house and he would drag out the old clam pot and steam up pounds of clams, the broth full of onions and butter on the side would be all ready for the first bowls to arrive at the table. I wish I could do this for my Dad again but sadly we lost Dad 10 years ago but I was lucky enough to have given him this “gift” on his last Father’s Day. I continue this tradition with my children in honor of their Pepe though!

  • I don’t know what the proper term for it, but in our family we call it the crab brain. Yes, the gooey slimy inside of the crab head, a glowing orange concoction that some despise, but others adore. Luckily, for my dad he treasures the crab brain, and enjoys the texture, the smell and the rich seafood flavor that few dare to dive in. I would spoil him with the pure crab brain, without any sauce or seasoning to hamper the flavor, and watch him smile with delight as he enjoys every last morsel.

  • My family loves all kinds of seafood and My Dad is one great cook, our private chef at home (and I got my passion for cooking from watching him cook)! 🙂 When I was still living with my parents, my Dad would be the one who handled all the prepping and cleaning of all kinds of seafood, such as lobster, whole fish, and squids, etc. I was afraid to touch them. Especially when they are still whole and alive. I’ve watch Dad numerous times in prepping but I didn’t have the courage to do it. I was just Daddy’s sous chef when I was young, passing spices and chopping vegetables. Having a family of my own now, I learned that I have to overcome the fear in order to prepare wholesome meals for my family, and we all love seafood.

    This Father’s Day, I would love to spoil my Dad by preparing a seafood feast for him, from start to finish and he can enjoy playing with his grand-kids while I cook. I’m sure he would be surprise that I’m not afraid anymore. 🙂 I know my Dad would really appreciate and enjoy the seafood feast that I prepared with love, to honor him this Father’s day.

  • I would spoil my father with tons of lobster and shrimp in butter. Simple and classic!

  • How can I begin to paint the life experiences my parents, specifically my father, have created? You see, my parents were born and raised in Chile and started dating at 16. Against all odds, they have remained together ever since. Though they bicker and argue from time to time (and time to time again), they are madly in love. And this is where my story begins.
    Chile is known for their excellent, fresh seafood. I have two tales of my father, and I will expose both today. I hope you see the passion that I hold for my family.
    I shall start with the worst, as I feel one should always end on a good note. From what I heard from my father, one of the first dates that he had with my mother was in Puerto Montt in the south of Chile, which is 600 miles south of Santiago, their native city. They asked for steamed mussels, but at that time, they were known as, “Choros Zappatos,” and literally, the mussels were as big as a shoes. This place also didn’t have a liquor license, so if you wanted white wine you would ask for tea and if you wanted red wine, you would ask for coffee. These crazy kids. Long story short, my parents got tremendously sick off these “shoe” mussels aka “Red Tide.” At least it was a bonding experience?
    Secondly, I shall report on the incomparably positive event that is my parent’s date in Pichilemu. They were young and wanted to have fun. Therefore, they decided to be part of a ridiculous, “Summer Break,” contest, where the contestants (aka, my dad) had to name every single piece of clothing on his significant other’s body (aka mom) within the time a sparked match dissipated. Well, they won! They won a meal at “Punta de Lobos,” in Pichilemos, where they had the most amazing seafood empanadas, sea urchin, sea bass, and congrio.
    All in all, I really would like to treat my dad to this beautiful meal, as he has been down and out work wise and my mother as well. I just want to recreate the beautiful memories they have had of Chile. It would mean the world to me.

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