Listen to the Food Gal Dish on Restaurants on KQED’s Forum Show

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What are the hot new restaurants and the must-try dishes in the Bay Area for the new year?

Take a listen as yours truly talks food with Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle restaurant reviewer, and Meesha Halm, local editor of the Zagat Bay Area Restaurant Guide on last Thursday’s “Forum” show on KQED Radio.

Host Rachael Myrow and the three of us get appetites revved up as we discuss the love affair with chicken, how Silicon Valley bucks have helped finance so many new restaurant ventures, favorite bargain bites and a whole lot more.

Take a listen:

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  • This is such a cool thing that you do! I was just saying how there aren’t enough podcasts on food related topics. I really really like this.

  • Hey there Carolyn, Happy New Year to you! I’m looking forward to your podcast and am hoping to come to your reading next week at Omnivore – it would be nice to finally meet in person!

  • Erin: Yay! Hope to see you at Omnivore. Should be a fun event.

  • Awesome!! Really liked listening to this!

  • It was said that Filipino food would be the ‘next big thing’ in 2012. Unfortunately 2013 went by without it. Although there seems to be several young and innovative Filipino and non-Filipino chefs trying to up its profile, Filipino food sorely lags behind its Asian counterparts.

  • CA: It’s true. Filipino food still hasn’t taken off like other Asian cuisines, which is a shame. Fortunately, there are more food trucks serving it. And I’m excited that Chef Sheldon Simeon of “Top Chef” fame and formerly of Star Noodle, just opened Migrant in Maui, which serves up his take on Filipino favorites:

  • Thanks Carolyn. I’ve read your earlier interview with Sheldon Simeon and clicked on the link. Echoing what I’ve seen from his video from what I heard on the broadcast about people being open to new ingredients. I think that’s the way where Filipino food is headed. Not necesarily Filipino dishes, but rather ingredients and cooking techniques. Its what the food trucks and a few brick and mortars are currently doing. Sort of like sisig where pork belly or shoulder is uesed insted of meat from the head. Another place that comes to mind is House of Silvana’s in Daly City and their namesake confection. I think it can go toe to toe with the trendy macaroon! Filipino food is exciting in this way.

  • CA: I’m with you on that. As one who loves a good sisig and crispy pata, I, too, hope Filipino food is the new macaron!

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