Macy’s Valley Fair Welcomes the Food Gal and Centonove For a Cooking Demo


If you’re a fan of great Italian food and wine, you won’t want to miss the next cooking demo at Macy’s Valley Fair in Santa Clara at 6 p.m. Tues., Feb. 25. (Excuse the date typo in the ad.)

That’s because I’ll be hosting Chef Carlo Ochetti of the charming new Centonove in downtown Los Gatos, who will demonstrate how to make one of his prized Italian specialties. A native of Italy, Ochetti grew up cooking with his mother, before going on to attend culinary school. He’s the former chef of Il Fornaio in San Jose.

Also joining us will be Lisa Rhorer, Centonove’s owner and sommelier. She’ll not only discuss the finer points of Italian wines, but bring along the specific wine she’d most pair with Ochetti’s dish. Yes, folks, this is a two-fer: You’ll not only get to taste food but also the wine that best goes with it. How’s that for a deliriously good time?

This free event will take place in the culinary kitchen on the main floor of the Men’s and Home store.

Winner of Last Week’s Contest

In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me something that made your heart go pop. The winner will receive a $20 gift card from Brooklyn Popcorn.

The "New York'' mix of caramel and white cheddar.

Congrats to:

Lynn Sulackow, who wrote, “Meeting Val for the very first time…April 6, 1974…my heart couldn’t stop popping. The following Sunday (Easter) he called to ask me out for that evening: Pizza and American Graffiti. I was totally smitten. Best introduction that my sister ever made. Hard to believe that it is almost 40 years. Val considered Valentine’s Day to be his own personal holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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