Three Words: Triple Chocolate Biscotti

Delicate biscotti with chocolate -- three ways.

Delicate biscotti with chocolate — three ways.


Picture a rich chocolate dough. Then, chunks of Guittard chocolate folded in. Finally, imagine the resulting cookies dunked by hand into a bath of milk and semisweet chocolate.

I’d call that a triple chocolate hit.

Boncora calls it its Triple Chocolate Biscotti.

It’s the newest treat by Bonnie Tempesta, who founded La Tempesta Bakery with her mother, Aurora. She sold that company in 1997, then moved to Sonoma Wine Country to start Bonccora Biscotti.

I had a chance to try a sample of her newest creation. Like all her biscotti the Triple Chocolate ones are studded with almonds. They also have a unique texture that’s much lighter, crisper and airier than most other biscotti. You won’t crack a tooth on these if you enjoy them as is without dunking them into coffee to soften them first. You might have to exercise extra willpower, though. That’s because since these are less dense and more deleciate, you might just find yourself reaching for another and another without even thinking about it.

Two cookies have 160 calories total. Though, you can act virtuous by telling yourself that the cookies do have 6 percent of the daily recommended amount of iron.

An 8-ounce tube containing two cellophane bags of cookies is $14.50. Do note that Boncora requires a minimum order of $25 online.

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