Forget Black Friday; Make It A Brown One (As In Chocolate) Instead

Yes, this is pretty much how I ate this fantastic spread.

Yes, this is pretty much how I ate this fantastic spread.


See that hazelnut spread above?

I’d like to tell you that I came up with all sorts of inventive ways to use it in baking. But the truth is that I ate that entire jar of Nuubia Hazelnut Spread simply by the languid spoonful, day after day, until it was emptied.

I’m not ashamed. Because it was that irresistible.

So forget braving the malls today. Just do yourself a favor and go Nuubia’s online site to order a jar instead — for yourself or your chocoholic friends. Or take a trip to the Nuubia store/cafe, which just opened this year in the lobby of the Twitter building in San Francisco, or to its Pleasanton headquarters that has an artisan kitchen.

After receiving samples to try, I came away impressed with the chocolatier’s products. The aforementioned hazelnut spread tastes predominantly of hazelnuts, and secondarily of chocolate. Unlike mass-produced varieties, it’s not all sugary front and center. The spread is thick, rich and smooth, but there’s still a slight graininess from the nuts, which is nice.

It’s made from sugar, glucose syrup, hazelnuts , vanilla bean, milk chocolate and whole milk powder.

Nuubia also makes a California Walnut Spread, Caramelized Almond Spread, Chocolate Spread, and Chocolate Banana Spread. All are $11.90 each for an 8.8-ounce jar.

Nuubia's boxed chocolates.

Nuubia’s boxed chocolates.

The precious half spheres.

The precious half spheres.

Its chocolates are shaped into dainty half spheres, sort of like tiny hockey pucks, which makes it oh-so-easy to eat more than one.

They’re the perfect little bite — just enough to satisfy that chocolate craving. The coconut ganache one is very tropical with tiny shards of coconut. The whiskey ganache is smooth, very chocolatey, and with a hint of oak and smokiness. The cashew praline is a delight with its buttery and slightly crunching interior that highlights a nut that doesn’t often get its proper due.

A box of 18 assorted spheres is $29.

The chocolatier prides itself on being environmentally conscious, and even touts that it’s the world’s first confectioner to be palm-oil free (as the cultivation of palm trees has led to habitat destruction). It has even launched a Chocolate Wildlife Project, which provides palm farmers with a viable income to implement eco-friendly farming practices.

It’s chocolate you can feel good about indulging in.

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