Crepe Cake Perfection at Anton SV Patisserie

Anton SV Patisserie's tiramisu crepe cake.

Anton SV Patisserie’s tiramisu crepe cake.


It is a different kind of Silicon Valley engineering feat.

Slathering delicate crepes with a luscious cream filling, then placing them perfectly level, perfectly straight, one on top of the other until the stack rises a majestic 20 layers or higher in complete precision.

Anthony Tam not only possesses the skills to do this, but the business acumen to have turned this into a delectable phenomenon.

The former supply chain manager at a Fremont tech firm started his Anton SV Patisserie just over two years ago out of a Milpitas commercial kitchen.

Anthony Tam traded tech for cakes.

Anthony Tam traded tech for cakes.

Now, his handmade $88 crepe cakes have become a sensation, gracing special events at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies. He now even offers delivery of whole cakes to select Bay Area cities. The crepe cakes also can be enjoyed for about $10 a slice at six cafes in the South Bay and San Francisco.

Tam invited me to a tasting recently at Cafe LaTTea in Cupertino, where I had the pleasure of trying all five flavors he currently offers: Vanilla, Tiramisu, Matcha, Hokkaido Milk (made with the famed cream from that island in Japan), and Black Sesame.

“I just went with my gut feeling to do this full-time,” he says. “I like being able to choose what I want in life when I want it.”

And of course, in the process, make a lot of people crepe cake fans for life.

A tasting of crepe cakes.

A tasting of crepe cakes.

The first thing you notice is the sheer beauty of the cakes with their perfect layers. They are all surprisingly light in texture, much more so than any standard American layer cake. The flavors are intense, especially the Black Sesame, which tastes incredibly nutty.

Black sesame crepe cake.

Black sesame crepe cake.

Hokkaido milk crepe cake done up with activated charcoal for a unique look.

Hokkaido milk crepe cake done up with activated charcoal for a unique look.

Matcha crepe cake.

Matcha crepe cake.

Treat yourself to something special with a slice. Or two.

To learn more about Anthony Tam’s journey in creating Anton SV Patisserie, be sure to read my story in the June issue of Silicon Valley Magazine.

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  • These are gorgeous! Wish you can try them more easily in SF.

  • These are inspirational! I just made my lemon crepe cake a few weeks ago & it will be hard to branch out from an old family favorite, but adding one or two of these intriguing flavors to the rotation might be worth an experiment. And good for him for following his passion, finding an unfilled niche in the food world, and filling it so successfully!!

  • Carroll: I give you props for making your own lemon crepe cake. Crepe cakes definitely take time and skill. Good for you!

  • Such a neat idea! That black sesame crepe cake looks particularly striking. I’m not sure if I’d have the patience to make one of these, but I’d love to eat a slice of each one! 🙂

  • How beyond stunning!

  • I haven’t heard about his cakes before but they look amazing. Which was your favorite? I didn’t see if you mentioned it. I’m sure they’re all delicious! Now I want to try and make one. Too bad he didn’t share his recipe or did he?

  • Vicki: Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll part with the recipe. I did love them all, but maybe inching out at the top might be the black sesame one. I just love its intense nutty flavor. 😉

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